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Home Buyers Are Finding Creative Ways to Make Cash Offers

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Brothers Christie and Jason Nemets and their mother, Christel Nemets, decided to buy a house together this spring. The housing market is so hot that they thought that offering cash might be the only way to get it.

Nemetzes pooled funds, including funds from the sale of a former home, and bid on a nearby home in South Dakota where Kristy and Christel live. Their realtor said they had seven other offers. The seller chose Nemette because he provided the house with more than $ 500,000 in cash. This means that you didn’t have to wait for the lender to approve your mortgage.

“We could have covered it, but in my family, paying off your home has always provided great relief,” said Nemetz, 51.

With the 30-year average mortgage rate rising to 5%, millions of Americans may no longer be able to get their own homes. WSJ’s Dion Rabouin describes the potential buyers, sellers and impacts on the housing market.Illustration: Adele Morgan

Americans looking for homes are teaming up with their families to take advantage of sudden storms and find companies that offer cash on their behalf. According to the National Association of Real Estate Agents, about 28% of home sales in March were paid in cash, near the highest level since 2014. It fell to 26% in April, but is still close to the highest point in a few years.

Realtors say today’s cash buyers are running the full range. Some are making headcount cuts that may have opted for mortgages last year when interest rates were much lower. Others are investors, Stock market plunge, A person who is swallowing real estate to rent or sell.

There are signs that the market is chilling, House prices are rising Almost 40% has continued to grow since the Covid-19 pandemic began.Mortgage rates are still high, forcing lessors and first-time buyers to find them. A creative way to become a homeowner. In many markets, a dozen people may still bid on one home, and those who cannot provide cash may not be considered.

“Cash will always outperform everything else,” said Jenny Holmes, a realtor in Rye, New York.

According to the company, in the last three months of 2021, about 75% of investor purchases were paid in cash.

Redfin Ltd.

, Real estate brokerage. Investors usually buy a home and resell or rent it.

Home sellers often prefer cash offers because they largely eliminate the risk that financing issues will shrink or slow down transactions. According to Redfin, cash offers can win about four times as many bid wars as offers that require a mortgage.

Buyers who can afford to pay in cash may end up paying less because there is less pressure to bid above the asking price. Approximately 19% of cash buyers reported that they exceeded their budget in 2021 compared to 33% of other buyers.

Zillow Group Ltd.

From time to time, buyers collect money and offer cash, and then immediately take a mortgage or mortgage line of credit.

Many properties are withdrawing multiple cash offers, and even some cash buyers remain unlucky.


Daniel Acker / Bloomberg News

The New Jersey Summit’s Royce Schneider realtor is offering about 27% of this year’s home purchases in cash, said Kara M. Toms, the company’s realtor. Some buyers have sold expensive properties in New York City, put their money in their pockets, and rented them for a year or so while deciding where to settle, Toms said.

“Many people were like they were in a temporary position waiting, and now they are finally ready to make that purchase,” she said.

Still, many properties are withdrawing multiple cash offers, and even some cash buyers remain unlucky.

Graphic designer and writer Samantha Summers has made two cash offers that were rejected this spring. In her third attempt, she and her husband offered a price that was $ 10,000 lower than the asking price, but agreed to pay for the carpet and painting exchange.

Their offer was accepted the next day and closed in May for $ 245,000 in four bedrooms and two bathrooms in South Carolina. Mrs. Mars was able to pay her cash after the series she wrote became a hot topic in 2021.

“I quickly knew this was a very volatile success and probably wouldn’t last that long,” Mrs. Mars said. “I wanted to make it really smart and save enough to buy the whole house, because my idea of ​​not being able to make a sales dive and a mortgage literally wants to spit out. “

Startups and traditional mortgage lenders alike, Allow buyers to bid in cash Even if you don’t actually have the money at hand.

Some cash providers buy a home on behalf of the buyer and sell it to the buyer. Others give the buyer cash to buy for themselves. Companies are paid through fees, fees, or both.

Software engineer Thomas Whaples has agreed to use Better.com as a mortgage lender if the company’s brokerage firm offers cash to a home near Miami on his behalf. Customers who do not use the company as lenders must pay a fee equivalent to 2.5% of the purchase price of the home, Better said.

Earlier this year, Wapples went on a scout trip from his home in New York City to Miami and saw the home take off from the market.

“Miami in late March and early April was hotter than hot. I don’t mean mercury,” Wapples said. “Once I got there, it was pretty clear that I needed a cash offer to be competitive.”

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