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Home Appraisal Notices Arriving with ‘Sticker Shock’ for Many – NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth

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Some homeowners in the region’s fastest growing community are feeling a “sticker shock” as notifications of the valued value of their homes begin to arrive by email this week.

In the press release Texas Evaluation District Association Announced “Historical Growth in Texas Real Estate Value”. In the region, we see a 10-50% increase in value from last year, including 23.55% of DFW.

This increase is partly due to the significant population growth and competition for a small number of homes.

James Anning, a homeowner in Collin County, just blew the wind from him after opening an appraisal notice for his home.

“I wasn’t really shocked, but this was a real sticker shock,” he said. “I had to sit down and put on my glasses. This is not correct.”

The appraisal notice for the Colin Central Appraisal District states that the value of his home has increased by 40% to about $ 100,000. The valuations of the two Anning rental properties also increased.

The appraisal district manages exemptions, determines market value appraisals, and facilitates protest hearings.

“I expected an increase of 10%, maybe 15%, and I was going to be dissatisfied with 20%, but I’m very dissatisfied with 40-60%,” Anning said.

On its website, CCAD warned homeowners that they expect a 28-30% increase in home prices this year.

For Bo Daffin, CCAD’s chief appraiser, the average increase in home appraisals has increased from $ 396,500 in 2021 to $ 509,000 in 2022.

“When I was working in Collin County, I didn’t see that type of year-over-year increase,” Duffin said.

This year, he says, the Texas State Parliament requires valuation districts to be valued at 100% of market value.

According to the CCAD website, the deadline for submission is May 31st. Collin County Evaluation District Protest (Or 30 days after the valuation notice was mailed, whichever is later). The Collin County Valuation District should only send a valuation notice if the valuation increases by more than $ 1,000.

It is important for homeowners to carefully check the appraisal notice to ensure that all applicable exemptions have been implemented.

“If the property was built in a residential area last year and is protected by a 10% cap, the valuation is not the market price, but the valuation of the notice corresponds to the cap to protect them even in the market. You need to make sure you’re doing it. The value can increase by 30%, “Daffin said.

Anning has long held a home exemption at his home and filed a protest, claiming: And that is a valuable market value. So even if I reduce the market value by 50% with their yes, they will increase by 10% in a few years and I can’t do anything. It assumes that they do not increase market value. Three or four years you know they do. That’s why I chase after things that I can never catch. “

Will Wiggins, the owner of NorthTexasPropertyTaxServices Estimates indicate that one of the three properties is incorrectly evaluated and can be lowered by a successful protest in front of the evaluation committee.

“Go in there, make sure those values ​​are accurate, look at class and quality builds, depreciation, look at the values ​​the district is offering, and make sure everything makes sense. We need to do that, “says Wiggins.

His advice to homeowners protesting the appraisal notice:

“It’s not about taxes. The debate isn’t about taxes, it’s about your value and how to reach the fair and equal value of everyone else,” he said. “I’ll stay on the topic. Keep the key simple. That’s the best advice I can give. It won’t take long to have these discussions in front of the review board, so maybe a five minute top So keep the key simple and make sure it’s about value. “

Experts say they collect evidence, including photographs.

“It’s been two years before the house was approved, so if you forget it last year, you can’t get out of it. You can go back, apply now, and if necessary for the past two years, You can get an exemption from your home, “says Wiggins.

Denton County, like Colin, is one of the top 10 counties in the United States in terms of population growth, according to census data.

Denton County Chief Appraiser Estimate This year, the market value of single-family homes has risen by 25%.

The Denton County website Deadline for filing a protest For ARB, it is May 15th or 30th after the valuation notification is received.

Wiggins warns that there are several counties like Denton and Colin that may provide limited information online.

“Once you file a protest, you just ask for proof and you need to send you proof that they will use it in your hearing,” he said.

As the deadline for filing a protest approaches, Wiggins will not know to homeowners whether to protest the value of their home to file a protest to give you time to consider your options. I will advise you.

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