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Hollander Apartments? New Proposal Could Bring Up To 57 Apartments And Retail To Historical Logan Square Site

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LOGAN SQUARE — being dismantled by developers Plan approved by the city It redeveloped the old Hollander Storage & Moving site and brought the neighborhood a fourth proposal for a building that had been under consideration for overhaul since 2018.

GW Properties has received City Council approval in 2021 to convert the building at 2418 N. Milwaukee Ave. into a complex of offices, retail, and nine apartments. According to the company, that plan is no longer financially viable. Its leaders now want to transform the 110-year-old building into more than 50 apartments and retail outlets.

The project resembles formal and informal proposals submitted by developers in 2019 and 2020.

GW Properties’ Mitch Goltz said it was a “deviation from what has already been reviewed and proposed” and “one the community can be proud of for years to come.” .

But Aldo. Daniel La Spata (1st place) has reservations about this plan. One reason, he said, was that despite the site’s ever-changing proposals and significant support, they never materialized. The latest proposal resembles the version our neighbors saw years ago, but requires zoning changes to pass the city council.

“We very much want the site to be redeveloped, so we followed the feedback of the community who supported them on two different proposed zoning changes,” said La Spata. “Obviously, after two zoning changes he’s made, he’s hesitant about the third.”

credit: NORR Architects
Another rendering of the Hollander project in Logan Square.

GW Properties plans to renovate the Hollander building and replace the adjacent one-story building and parking lot with an adjacent apartment complex.

The plan calls for 11,000 square feet of retail space and up to 57 loft-style industrial apartments with a mix of one- and two-bedroom units and studios. Units range from 500 to 1,000 square feet. Rents have not yet been determined but will be determined by the market when the project is built, Goltz said.

Goltz also said he is willing to designate 15% of the units as affordable.

Two previous tenants, Guidepost Montessori and Salon, have signed on to the project, Goltz said, and GW Properties is looking for more tenants to fill the 11,000 square feet of retail space.

Prior to the GW property, the site was home to storage and moving companies for over a century.Hollander family Sold the Logan Square building to GW Properties in 2018 We will focus on our headquarters in Elk Grove Village. For several years before the sale, the building was used only to store company records.

credit: Saving Logan Square
The Hollander Building at 2418 N. Milwaukee Avenue. Circa 1916.

The Residential Proposal is the latest plan for the site, which has been vacant since it was purchased by GW Properties.

GW Properties initially sought to introduce 20 loft-style apartments. and retail to the site. After community meeting The developer put forward a proposal the following year It focuses on boutique offices, restaurants and retail stores, including the 40,000 square foot Brooklyn Boulders rock climbing gym and fitness center. That version did not include an apartment.

After Brooklyn Boulders withdrew from the project, GW Properties has reworked the proposal again in 2021. Citing the challenges of the pandemic, the developers stopped adding and tried to redevelop it within its existing footprint. City Council Approves Developer’s Request for Zoning Changes Offices, retail stores and nine apartments will be built on the site.

Golz said the pandemic forced him to abandon that plan due to high construction costs and supply shortages. In this volatile real estate environment, primarily commercial developments are not “rentable,” Goltz said.

According to Golz, the aging of the building poses the challenge of costly renovations. According to Goltz, the roof cell he has to move the tower, which adds to the complexity of the project.

“If anything is known in the last two years, things change, markets change. It’s an example of what has to change in order to be possible,” said Goltz.

This version of the project is the same one that Goltz brought to La Spata in 2020, but it was never discussed in community meetings. The latest proposal is similar in scale and design to the developer’s 2019 proposal.

“What we are presenting now is what we wanted to present last year, and what we wanted to present the year before. These plans have been in our folders for almost two years.” Goltz said.

credit: NORR Architects
The current proposal for the Hollander site in Logan Square is similar in size and design to the site’s 2020 plans, renderings show.

La Spata said it has rejected proposals for nearly 60 units it considered for 2020. This comes after community groups asked him to postpone amid the uncertainty surrounding the pandemic and its economic impact.

Aldermen also said they were concerned about bringing more studios and smaller one-bedroom apartments to Logan Square, which has experienced rapid relocation in recent years. under Aldo. Proco “Joe” Moreno, several luxury apartment complexes popped up in Logan Square to gentrify the neighborhood.

“It’s very similar to what I saw four or five years ago when I took office. Based on the community feedback I’m getting, I’d say some of my taciturnity is here.” La Spata said. Latest suggestions. “There is a real interest in promoting multi-bedroom housing. These are considerations that we keep in mind when considering new projects.”

La Spata’s office will seek community feedback on new proposals, online form Decide your next step. A community meeting may be held in October.

Goltz said he was eager to finally bring Hollander’s site back within the constraints of the pandemic economy.

“This is a big hole in this strip and we are definitely eager to change and hope and believe this is the plan that makes the most sense,” Goltz said.

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