Home News Holiday weekends in housing market give buyers chance to beat competition

Holiday weekends in housing market give buyers chance to beat competition

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Denver — Buying a home in Denver can feel more like a dream than reality. But while the rest of the city is celebrating July 4, it could be one of the best times for buyers to find a home.

Real estate experts in the Denver Metro area said holiday weekends are usually one of the latest in the housing market.

“If you’re a serious buyer and your inventory is there, this may be one of the best times to sneak into your home and scoop it up. Guide Real Estate CEO and Founder Bret Weinstein said: In fact, it’s a really exciting time for people to dive in and try to take advantage of the market. “

Weinstein said the hardest part of discussing the housing market was the delay in reporting, which meant that the monthly numbers were a bit late.

“Let’s say the house closes in April. Actually, we don’t report until June or July depending on the closing date. It feels like real time, but it’s actually late.” Weinstein said. “Especially in the last few months, the market has really started to slow down. Our report released has not yet shown that.”

According to Weinstein, interest rates have risen and buyers’ demand has fallen. He believes the inventory will increase, but the question is how much.

Among Weinstein’s clients are Sam and Rebecca Sunshine-Dewitt. They moved to a new home just a few days ago after making an offer for Memorial Day Weekend.

“This is the third home we’ve bought in the last six years. And in both cases, the first two had to make multiple offers before they were finally accepted,” Rebecca said. “We were above hundreds of thousands of dollars and all cash offers were above all,” he said. “

When I bought the first two homes, Sunsine-De Witts felt like they were competing with the whole city. They said the biggest difference they noticed was that homes seemed to stay in the market for a long time.

“The best advice is to find a realtor you can trust, because you have a lot of hope and dreams and you rely on them as negotiators,” Rebecca said. .. The number of emotions that go into every home you buy, and you must be able to manage it. “

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