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Hey You Guys! The Iconic House From ‘The Goonies’ Is Up For Sale

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Nostalgic ’80s movie buffs willtruffle shuffle‘ was released for the first time.

classic Victorian house once lived in by a gang ofThe Goonies” Planned their treasure hunt is up for sale.

From left to right, Corey Feldman, Jeff Cohen, Josh Brolin, Ke Hui Quando, and Sean Astin stand on the porch in a scene from the movie The Goonies. 1985.
— Warner Bros. via Getty Images

Property in Astoria, Oregon Listed earlier this month Jordan Miller of John L. Scott Real Estate sold for $1.65 million.

Moviegoers will be thrilled to learn that the exterior of the house is very true to the 1985 film, but with window frames and doors in orange instead of red. Also, somewhat disappointingly, the Rube Goldberg machine that powers the front gate of the house and is featured in the film’s opening scene is missing.

Nevertheless, the historic home, built in 1896, measures 1,935 square feet and has four bedrooms and two bathrooms. The current owners recently refreshed the home with an updated kitchen, new carpet and fresh paint.

And let’s not forget the amazing ladder that led the Goonies to the attic and discovered One-Eyed Willie’s map to gold. I still have it at home.

Courtesy / John L. Scott Market Center

The home also features stunning views of the Columbia River as it empties into the Pacific Ocean, and the listing describes it as “fully laden.” History, nostalgia and iconic levels of prestige

A ladder to the attic remains in the house.
A ladder to the attic remains in the house.
— Courtesy / John L. Scott Market Center

Miller told the Associated Press that he had. Few parties show interest in the house It aims to make it more accessible to moviegoers.

“It seems everyone’s intention is to open up the house a little more and allow more access,” he said.

Courtesy / John L. Scott Market Center

And it’s certainly a plan that will prove popular the goonies Groupies. The AP reports that current owner Sandy Preston has been very welcoming to visitors who flock to see the iconic home. was forced to close the house lot to pedestrians in some cases.

After receiving about 1,500 visitors per day in 2015 to mark the film’s 30th anniversary, Preston posted a “no trespassing” sign prohibiting tourists from entering the premises. She opened it up to the public this past August.

New owners may cut the work for them in terms of maintaining peace with their neighbors.

Every floor of the home has clear views of the bay, bridge and city.
Every floor of the home has clear views of the bay, bridge and city.
— Courtesy / John L. Scott Market Center

City officials who have restricted parking in the area have long asked for parking. relieve tension Between residents and fans who want to see and photograph the place.

“The owners of this Goonies location are movie fans and enjoy chatting with visitors who are trekking up to Astoria to see movie locations, but as you can imagine, hundreds of people visit each time. It’s hard for people to crowd into your personal space a day,” the Astoria Warrenton Chamber of Commerce wrote in August. Facebook page They are called Goonies Day in Astoria, Oregon.

But Miller insists the home will be a “fun buy.”

“Anyone who buys a home will have a relatively steady stream of very happy people going out to fulfill their childhood dreams.”

the goonies Homes aren’t the only nostalgic movie theaters on the market these days. Earlier this month, Cleveland, Ohio, house featured in christmas story is also on sale.

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