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Here’s why Americans think now is the time to buy a home

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apart from Inflation collapse, Rising mortgage rates In battle and ongoing predicament Rent riseNew research shows, hey, maybe there’s an optimistic reason?

According to a survey, 6 out of 10 Americans, or 56%, believe that “now” is the time to buy a home. Implemented by OnePoll On behalf of FinTech mortgage lenders low.. The survey summarizes responses from 1,000 homeowners and 1,000 lessors, and found that 55% of respondents want to buy more homes as they continue to experience record high inflation. I did.

Specifically, 47% of the group say they are aiming to get it next year. Most of the individual samples, 74%, add that they are new to buying a home. Only 26% are existing homeowners who want to get something else.

More than half (51%) of participants say they see home ownership as an investment opportunity for financial freedom, and 50% say they want to step into the door to home ownership before it gets a good reputation. I did. Others looking to the golden age (42% to be exact) say they want to live comfortably after retirement. (Of the entire pool, 41% admit that they are bored with their current home and 41% aim to build a home for a growing family.)

It may not seem like the best time to buy a home, but many Americans still want to buy one.
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“Homeowners have earned tens of thousands of equity over the last few years, which is the money the lessee has left at the table,” said Dan Snyder, junior co-founder and CEO, in a report. .. “Many people are waiting for prices to drop, but in reality they will slow down from record pace. It’s time to buy, before gratitude continues to grow.”

Of the pool in the survey, 30% felt optimistic that the housing market would cool next year. Forty-three percent saw “very” that the status quo would continue, but 25% believed that things would turn into the worst.

The survey surveyed 1,000 homeowners and 1,000 lessors.
The survey surveyed 1,000 homeowners and 1,000 lessors.
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The main findings of the study.
The main findings of the study.
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Headlines of the chilling housing market are flowing in the press, but 45% of poll participants say the boom and the associated high demand are actually getting hotter. (During that time, only 10% thought the boom had slowed.)

For 1,000 renters, 56% said they wanted to move but couldn’t afford to move. Of these, 27% pay between $ 2,001 and $ 3,000 per month, 20% pay between $ 1,001 and $ 2,000 per month, and 16% borrow between $ 3,001 and $ 4,000 per month. Still, 57% of the 1,000 people surveyed wanted to own their own home someday. Their reasoning included a chance to gain financial stability (40%) and 35% financial freedom.

“It may seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be,” Snyder added. “By creating a specific simple process, find realtors and lenders who value the customer experience. They will help you along the way and your biggest concern will be finding the perfect home.”

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