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Here’s What $1 Million Houses Look Like In Australia

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Whole two homes on Bloom’s beach at the price of an apartment in Sydney? Intriguing.


Melbourne, VIC

Vision Real Estate / Via realestate.com.au

size: 1st floor office / shopfront with 4 bedroom apartment on 2nd floor, 206 sqm.

position: 4km from Clifton Hill, Melbourne CBD.

Vision / Via realestate.com.au

It’s definitely a fixer upper, and they seem to be trying to sell it to demolish it and replace it with a townhouse.


Mossman Gorge, Queensland

Ray White / Beer realestate.com.au

size: A four-bedroom house on more than one hectare of land.

position: About 20 minutes drive from Port Douglas in the rainforest.

Ray white

If you want peace and tranquility, this is the house for you. It’s still close enough to the town, but far enough that you really live in nature.


Bloom, Western Australia

Ray White / Beer realestate.com.au

size: Two adjacent three-bedroom houses, totaling 1149 square meters.

position: Close to Cable Beach, the town and the iconic Camel Beach.

Ray White / Beer realestate.com.au

Sure, this isn’t the most modern-or aesthetic interior design you’ve ever seen … but are there two entire homes in the immediate vicinity of the beach? That’s right from me.


Sydney, New South Wales

Adrian William / Beer realestate.com.au

size: 2 bedroom apartment, 84 sqm.

position: 15 minutes by train to Erskineville and Sydney.

Adrian William / Beer realestate.com.au

I was impressed with the kitchen, and the place is mint … but it’s a very small space for a cool milli. The fact that there are car spots is a big plus.


Launceston, Tasmania

Harrison / Beer realestate.com.au

size: 4 bedroom house, 778 meters square.

position: Within 10 minutes from South Launceston, city centre.

Harrison / Beer realestate.com.au

This looks like one of the places influential people visit on weekends, but it could be a real home. In addition, this is a brand new build, so you can be sure there are no ghosts or evil spirits.


Darwin, Northern Territory

Obtained via NT / realestate.com.au

size: 5 bedroom house, 762 square meters.

position: 20 minutes drive from CBD in Darwin, Farah.

Obtained via NT / realestate.com.au

This is a very family home with 5 bedrooms, a huge pool, a garage and a hut. Basically, everything you can’t get for $ 1 million in Sydney and Melbourne.


Perth, Western Australia

Dempsey / Beer realestate.com.au

size: 2 bedroom apartment, 127 sqm.

position: South Perth is directly opposite the city, accessible by ferry.

Dempsey / Beer realestate.com.au

The real selling point of this place on the South Perth Forshore is its view! Wowza.


Brisbane, Queensland

Atlas / Via realestate.com.au

size: 3 bedroom house, 405 sqm.

position: Analy, about 6 km from the city.

Atlas / Via realestate.com.au

The whole house! In the city center! With backyard! You can have chicken and vegetable patches perfectly here … one can dream.


Adelaide, SA

Boffo Real Estate / Via boffo.com.au

size: 4 bedroom house, 488 sqm.

position: Prospect, 15 minutes drive from Adelaide CBD.

Boffo / Beer boffo.com.au

I may be talking about Sydney Cider, but I’m crazy about the fact that I can buy a four bedroom house in a residential area that is still within walking distance of the city.


Canberra, ACT

Home / Via by Holly realestate.com.au

size: 4 bedrooms, 154 square meters.

position: 15 minutes drive from CBD at the foot of Mount Taylor, Mawson.

Home / Via by Holly realestate.com.au

The house looks old, but it’s actually quite special — designed to be solar passive. When the sun shines through a south-facing window, it collects and retains heat.


Hobart, Tasmania

Lennard McLure / Via realestate.com.au

size: 5 bedroom house, 690 square meters.

position: Rosney is located on the Darwent River, a 10-minute drive from the CBD.

Lennard McLure / Via realestate.com.au

Imagine having a morning coffee on that back deck. BRB, now move to Tassie.


Geelong, Victoria

McGrath / Beer realestate.com.au

size: 3 bedroom apartment, 153 sqm.

position: Located on Geelong CBD, within walking distance from the waterfront.

McGrath / Beer realestate.com.au

The decoration of this house is screaming for the monochromatic trend of the ’00s, but for apartments in the city center, it’s certainly as spacious as hell.


Tamworth, New South Wales

Ben Green / Beer realestate.com.au

size: Separate guest suite, 847 sqm 4-bedroom home.

position: A few blocks from Tamworth’s main street and train station.

Ben Green / Beer realestate.com.au

This is a complete Tuscan villa slash mansion, but the real draw card must be its kitchen. Take a look at all that space and storage!


Queensland Gold Coast

Cass Freeman / Beer realestate.com.au

size: 2 bedroom unit, 105 sqm.

position: Palm Beach, halfway between Surfers Paradise and the airport.

The lounge room only screams on the Gold Coast, but the views are truly invincible.

15. 15.

And finally, Adelaide Hills, SA

Harris / Beer realestate.com.au

size: 3 bedroom house, 1348 sqm.

position: Sterling, 20 minutes drive to the city.

Harris / Beer realestate.com.au

this is the A place to fulfill your dream of living in a cottage. Located in the heart of Adelaide Hills, near all wineries, but still near the city.

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