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Here’s the latest on the new development coming to Nubian Square

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The project includes affordable housing, an artist’s workshop, and a new space for the Haley House Bakery and Café.

Photo courtesy of DREAM Collaborative

New mixed-use and transportation-oriented developments focused on affordable housing are coming to Nubian Square in the coming years.

“The building itself is very exciting and a really nice addition to Nubian Square,” Joe Bakker, senior development officer for the city’s housing department’s neighborhood housing development team, told Boston.com.

The building will be a mix of retail, cultural and entertainment spaces, with the upper floors of the building reserved for residential space, and construction is expected to be completed in spring 2024, Bakker said.

“There are several ground floor retail spaces, including a new cafe. Hayley Housewhich is currently on site and basically acted as our development partner when this project was conceived,” he said. is really exciting because now they are back in that parking lot.”

Hayley House Bakery has been in Nubian Square since 2005, but is temporarily closed due to construction. Hailey House Bakery and Cafe will occupy 2,000 square feet of space in the new development.

Of the total 74 housing units in the building, 62 are rental apartments, all of which are ‘permanently affordable’ and are accessible to people with incomes between 30% and 80% of the regional median income. available. Eight of these units in the lowest income brackets will be set aside to house people experiencing homelessness.

The remaining 12 units are condominiums. Bakker says eight of those units will be income-restricted for 50 years, and the last four of his will be at market rates.

Much of the community process behind Plan Nubian, the overarching plan that this development fell into was an artist-centric development. Boston-area artists are preferred for half of the rental units and all of the home-owned units. The development also includes his 4,100-square-foot artist’s workshop open to residents and the community.

“We have a long history of supporting affordable housing projects that focus on artists,” Bakker said. “In those cases, we work very hard to balance affordability considerations with artist workspace considerations so that the overall building functions the way it needs to. increase.”

The new development is 99,602 square feet and is located at 2147 Washington Street in Nubian Square.

“This is city-owned land and there are several lands in and around Nubian Square. I think we’ve embarked on a serious community process and will issue a request for suggestions,” Backer said. “This is the first built from that process over six years ago.”

Construction began this spring after years of discussion and planning. In 2016, comprehensive planning began with a process of defining community purpose for several city-owned parcels. A request for proposals was then put out in 2018 and the proposals received he went through a community review process in 2019.

“It’s really exciting to have an almost completely affordable building with both rental and home ownership opportunities. It was a parking lot,” he said. “I think everyone agreed that this was a better use of the land, housing people and supporting artists and all the other things that came with it.”

This development New Atlantic Development When dream collaboration.

“Because of the history of Dudley Square and what it means to Boston’s artist community, there’s always been a big focus on art and artists, so it’s always been the foundation of what people want.” Bucker said. “What they really wanted was affordable housing, emphasizing arts and culture wherever possible, and using these developments as a way to boost local residents and businesses.”

The goal of inspiring locals extends not only to the development and construction process, but also to the permanent occupation of the building, Bakker said.

“This project exemplifies our commitment to building an inclusive and equitable place for all. We emphasize supporting artists and small businesses and, of course, making it a great place to live for residents.”

According to Backer, the development is focused on hiring and contracting diverse people. According to the press release, the submission had to include a plan for minority outreach aimed at creating opportunities for people of color, women, minorities and women-owned businesses.

“As someone who works on many different projects around town, this has always stood out, and Plan Nubian has always stood out as a very community-focused effort. We make recommendations on which projects should be selected,” says Backer. “I am really happy that I was able to participate. I think it made a big difference in the quality of the project.”

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