Home News Heading to the Rockaways for the Sand and the Subway. Which Apartment Did She Choose?

Heading to the Rockaways for the Sand and the Subway. Which Apartment Did She Choose?

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The beach has always been Sharon Lu’s happy place. She grew up on the South Shore of Long Island, sailed with her father, and cherished the smell of the sea breeze.

“My father was in the boat business and I grew up on boats,” said Lu, 59, who owns a talent management agency. “I love the beach. I love the boat traffic.”

So she lived in Manhattan for 35 years, first in Chelsea raising her two daughters, then in a one-bedroom rental on the Upper West Side, where she moved after a divorce 10 years ago. she had her own house On Fire Island, across the Great South Bay from her hometown of Bayshore, New York, she always felt like an escape from the city and a link to her childhood.

In March 2020, the home became a haven as Covid-19 hit New York. She gave up her Manhattan lease and headed to Manhattan full-time, but she had no plans to stay in. In fact, she was so keen to move back to the city that she decided to live there. I put the villa up for sale.

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“I thought about selling the house so I could buy something in Manhattan,” she said. “And figured I could have one full summer before selling.”

But as the virus spread across New York, buyers cooled down. From August he turned to September, and Mr. Liu’s cold was still in the house, which was not designed for winter. In November, she returned across the bay to her home where she spent her childhood. Her 83-year-old mother lived there.

As 2020 dragged into 2021, she discovered a new passion: home renovation. After taking a webinar on flipping her house, she set her sights on an old boathouse that belonged to her late father and converted it into a one-bedroom guest house.

That’s when she realized she didn’t want to go back to Manhattan, but she didn’t want to go too far. “But I also knew she would miss the beach. To be honest, she didn’t know where she wanted to go.”

She started searching for options online and landed on Rockaways. She didn’t know much about this peninsula in South Queens, but she seemed to tick all her boxes: “I wanted to be closer to Manhattan than to Long Island,” she said. . “And I loved the surf vibe.”

After her Fire Island home eventually sold for $795,000, she figured she could spend up to $800,000.

“I knew I had to be as smart as possible with the money from my Fire Island home,” she said. I was convinced I could do it. Choosing to quit her brokerage, she decided to visit some properties in February 2021.

Among her options:

Find out what happened next by answering the following two questions:

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