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He Wanted His Own ‘Little Piece’ of Los Angeles. Which Option Did He Choose?

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It took me several years to realize that Max McQuita was tired of living in an apartment. When he first moved to Los Angeles in 2018, he rented a downtown apartment with little natural light. In his next place, the kitchen was ventilated only by holes in the ceiling, the parking lot was tight, and sensitive neighbors always complained to him about noise.

By November 2020, McQuirter, senior IT manager for grocery chain Smart & Final, had spent most of his time working from home and was ready for a real transformation. “I didn’t want to share the wall. I wanted my own,” McQuirter said.

He always dreamed of owning a home, but in the long run he never imagined himself anywhere until he landed in California for work. McQuirter grew up in Minneapolis, attended a university in Florida, and lived in the UK for some time after school. After returning to Minneapolis for his work, he arrived in Arizona, but realized he couldn’t stand the heat. So he arranged a transfer to Los Angeles with his employer and soon fell in love.

“You can have a mountain, you can go surfing, and you can still have that city,” he said.

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Last September, he began full-scale hunting for a $ 800,000 budget for a home in central Los Angeles. He loved the walkability and habitability of that part of the city, but he tried to look far into the San Fernando Valley.

He wanted three bedrooms and two bathrooms so that he and his boyfriend, a make-up artist, could each have their own space. Also essential: plenty of light, a backyard for entertainment, and a space for the garden where couples can transplant fruit trees and flowers from the patio of the apartment.

McQuirter had a mortgage pre-approval and a small gift from his father, but he wasn’t sure if he could find what he wanted for $ 800,000. “I don’t know many of the non-millionaires who have homes in LA,” he said.

He got the help of his friend Eric Wilson, a broker of Your Home Sold Guaranted Realty. It was a “seller’s market,” Wilson said. Wilson advised McQuarter to compromise. “The person who has the loan had to be a little more familiar.”

Among his choices:

Answer the following two questions to find out what happened next.

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