Home News Hakeem Olajuwon cashed in $8 million off his World Trade Center property a year before 9/11 and has made at least $100 million in real estate since

Hakeem Olajuwon cashed in $8 million off his World Trade Center property a year before 9/11 and has made at least $100 million in real estate since

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Like most other superstars of the previous generation, Akeem Orajwon didn’t make as much as basketball, but he found his golden touch on the court.

Hakeem Olajuwon, the first pick of the 1984 draft, spent almost all of his 18-year career in the Houston Rockets. “The Dream” has created 12 All-Star teams and 12 All-NBA teams, won the MVP Award, and won the Defensive Player of the Year twice.

Hakim dominated the game at both ends of the court, as in the slightest part of the game before or after he was able to do so when the league had the most of its legends and future Hall of Fame. did. He led the rocket to the title in a row in 1994 and 1995, winning the Finals MVP on both occasions.

After 18 years of domination, he retired from basketball in 2002, establishing himself as one of the best players and arguably the greatest tycoon of all time.

Like the other superstars in the league, the most money was heading towards the end of his career, which ended with a two-year stint in Portland. Orajwon began investing his money in the housing market as soon as he retired from the league where he made most of his money.

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Hakeem Olajuwon made money in real estate in less than four years, as much as an 18-year NBA career.

In fact, according to the NBA.com, he made huge investments in expensive properties, starting before he retired. It surprised everyone near him.

One of his biggest investments was the leasing of real estate at the World Trade Center in 1998, the tallest building in the world at the time.

Hakeem sold it to restaurant owners in 2000 for a whopping $ 8 million. Just a year later, a tragic event caused the tower to collapse.

Dream seems to have a good understanding of real estate. It was just the beginning of a magical touch on Hakeem’s real estate.

The Rockets legend reportedly earned $ 100 million from 25 facilities in and around Houston within four years of his retirement from the league.

He is now worth over $ 2.5 billion!

Looking at it, he earned about $ 110 million from his nearly 20-year NBA career. Excluding tax.

Hakeem attributed his golden touch in the real estate business to his belief in Islam. According to the Koran, claiming and paying interest is unfair, allowing Orajwon and his own investors to escape the hassle of loans and credits.

It disguised and helped him have the freedom to buy and sell millions of real estate whenever he wanted. He still has a lot of huge fortunes in Houston, which he still calls his home.

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