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H-E-B store may anchor new 95-acre project in booming Austin suburb

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A 95-acre multipurpose project that could feature Manor’s first HEB grocery store is underway.

On June 15, the fast-growing city council in the suburbs of Austin passed a financial incentive for the project and approved more than 26 acres of rezoning to accommodate 600 apartments. Located on the northwest corner of US Highway 290 and FM973, this property is owned by the Austin-based Butler Family Partnership.

At a council meeting, Matt Harris presented an overview of the project. He is Chief Financial Officer of Butler Family Interest, responsible for the business and personal affairs of former Austin Mayor Roy Butler’s family. According to Harris, HEB has a contract for part of the property and the Home Depot is interested in another parcel. HEB says there is no Butler land under contract.

Butler, who died in 2009 at the age of 83, founded Capitol Beverage, a leading beer distributor in central Texas. He once owned Austin’s radio station KVET.

With the exception of 600 apartments, the Manor Project will cover as much as 425,000 square feet of space for shops and restaurants. The project will be built in five phases with a completion date set between 2023 and 2025.

“This is a high-end development of the type that not only improves the quality of life of citizens by providing the long-awaited shopping and services, but also increases revenue on the city’s budget over the next few years, meaning victory. We win the city of Manor’s proposal, “said Mayor Scott Moore in a news release.

Scott Jones, director of economic development for the city, says Manor and the surrounding retail trade areas are home to more than 76,000 people, with an average household income of more than $ 93,000.

“Demographics tell the truth. Manners are the place to do business,” says Jones.

According to the US Census Bureau, Manor’s population increased by 32.7% from April 2020 to July 2021. As of July last year, the population of manners was about 18,300.

Manners have the potential to grow further, as they are about 15 miles northeast of the new Tesla plant in eastern Travis County and about 20 miles southwest of Taylor, where Samsung is building a $ 17 billion semiconductor plant.

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