Home News Gucci’s Former London Headquarters Hits the the Market for $66.6M – Robb Report

Gucci’s Former London Headquarters Hits the the Market for $66.6M – Robb Report

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That house Tom ford What was built is for getting.

GucciSource of London Headquarters was listed for just $ 66,600,000 or £ 40,000 a week for rent, Bloomberg Report. The property on Grafton Street in the city’s Tony Mayfair district dates back to 1769 and was once home to the Lord High Chancellor of England.

The luxuriously restored palace-like building features eight bedrooms, a swimming pool, a greenhouse, a gym, and a cinema. The interior is located in the basement, basement, above ground and on the 4th floor. The palace was designed in neoclassical style by architect Sir Robert Taylor. TEnjoy a 20-foot-high gold leaf ceiling, a Georgian fireplace, and a marble-lined basin.

The indoor pool has its own cinema.

Even if restored, the heritage of the mansion remains as famous as its former inhabitants. Formerly known as the residence of Lord Brougham, a 19th-century British politician who became Lord High Chancellor in 1830. In 1998, Gucci purchased the property three years after being appointed creative director of American designer Tom Ford. The decision to relocate the headquarters of the Italian fashion house from Milan to London came from Invescorp, which acquired ownership of the company in 1994. Investment funds brand Assassination of Maurizio Gucci The palace in London was founded in 1995 by his ex-wife. For the new launch, the London palace officially became the company’s new headquarters, with a 24-month renovation completed in 2000.

What used to be Gucci’s main meeting room and meeting room today is now the dining room on the ground floor of the house. The second and third floors were once used as offices for Gucci’s PR team, IT department, and other staff. The 4th floor is the original CEO of Domenico de Sole’s workspace. There is an adjacent solarium and vaulted beam ceiling.

Bedroom suite

Beauchamp Estates

“The brand’s global headquarters, the former Gucci Mansion, is currently the best home for sale or rent at Mayfair. Tom Ford and Domenico Desor entertain Alexander McQueen, Anawinter and François Pinault, the Grand Honor. Is here to entertain Queen Victoria and the Duke of Wellington, “said Gary Hersham, founding director of the appointed company, Boshan Estate. Sell ​​or lease the mansion.

Whether the next resident of the palace will add writing a new chapter to its rich history is an open question. However, there is one thing for sure. They will pay more for the chance. Sir Bloom did.

Check out more pictures below:

Grafton Street

Grafton Street

Beauchamp Estates

Gucci Headquarters Grafton Street: Kitchen


Beauchamp Estates

Gucci Headquarters Grafton Street: Dining Room

dining room.

Beauchamp Estates

Gucci Grafton Street Headquarters


Beauchamp Estates

Gucci Headquarters Grafton Street: Guest Powder Room.

Guest powder room.

Beauchamp Estates

Gucci Headquarters Grafton Street: Library


Beauchamp Estates

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