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Google to triple California real estate spending to $3.5 billion in 2022

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Google plans to spend more than $ 3.5 billion on California offices and data centers in 2022, even though most employees have moved part of the week to a hybrid work model at home.

The company said Wednesday that the expansion would benefit employees who had to return to the office part-time last week.

“Google’s offices and data centers provide an essential anchor for the community and help contribute to the community. Investing in the campus by giving Google the flexibility to work. It’s more important than ever, and we believe that doing so will lead to better products, better quality of life for our employees, and stronger communities, “said Sundair, CEO of Google. Pichai of the statement.

society Obtained approval last year The large Downtown West project near San Jose Diridon Station requires 4,000 new homes, over 7 million square feet of offices, 15 acres of park and outdoor space.It Plan to submit plan This year to prepare the site and improve the infrastructure.

Google $ 200 Million Community Interest Agreement This includes vocational training, homeless support, and small business support.

“The unprecedented public-private partnership and $ 200 million investment in San Jose is one of the largest in the state, and we are grateful for Google’s continued commitment to the community and California,” the project said in a statement.

However, some residents are afraid that the project will exacerbate already out of reach home prices, benefit the community very little, and lead to protests during the approval process.

Google also plans to open a Mountain View campus called Bayview while continuing to work on two projects called Charleston East and Landings. The company is also working on projects at Sunnyvale and the former Westside Pavillion Mall in Los Angeles, with plans to open next year.

The plan does not include San Francisco, where the company had previously leased numerous offices near Embacadero.

Other projects include the Atlanta office. New York; Boulder, Colorado. Austin, Texas.

Fellow tech giants Facebook and Apple also signed a major Silicon Valley lease last year and are making major expansion efforts across the country.

Roland Li is a staff writer for the San Francisco Chronicle. Email: [email protected] twitter: @rolandlisf

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