Home News Good luck finding a one-bedroom in NYC if you don’t make $160K — Quartz

Good luck finding a one-bedroom in NYC if you don’t make $160K — Quartz

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New York City’s housing market is always fiercely competitive, but lessors are currently facing a particularly tough flat hunt. Median monthly rent for one-bedroom apartments in Manhattan reached $ 3,995 in April, a record 38% year-over-year increase, well above pre-pandemic levels. Douglas Elliman Indicated.

In New York City, it is standard for landlords to apply what is called 40 times rule To determine someone’s ability to pay rent. To qualify as a renter, a person’s total annual income must be at least 40 times the monthly rent. Rent a bedroom at the current median in Manhattan means more than $ 159,800 in income. In Brooklyn, where the median one-bedroom apartment is $ 2,900 per month, people with an annual income of less than $ 116,000 have a hard time qualifying.

Meanwhile, New York City’s median household income was $ 67,046 from 2016 to 2020. According to the latest data Available.

New York City rents are struggling to recover from a pandemic, indicating that the affordable housing crisis is exacerbated in New York City. It also questions the feasibility of Mayor Eric Adams. Repeated plea To get employees back to work directly.

Rent increases are particularly significant for New Yorkers, as they are two-thirds of the population and twice the rent of the country. Report by The New York Times..Pain extends to aspiring homeowners — a recent Zillow survey found that half of the United States Home buyers are crying In process.

New York rents are expected to continue to rise

Prices are expected to be even higher in the summer. The warmer months are a great time to move to catch new students moving to the city, and families with children tend to take advantage of school holidays to move.

According to Douglas Elliman, more than one-fifth of new rental contracts in Manhattan in April were bidding wars. In such cases, the landlord received an average premium that was almost 11% higher than the asking price. This is in contrast to a year ago, when the landlord regularly distributed other concessions to attract tenants, such as a month’s free rent and exemptions from utilities and amenities.

There are several theories about soaring rents. 1 bedroom flat Reportedly the most in demand During the pandemic split, the couple was forced to spend more time with the other half, sending more single flat hunters to the market.

It also matches large companies such as JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, and Google. Worker recall Return to the office.There seems to be a future for work Some kind of hybridPeople are willing to spend more money on their apartments to secure space for their home office.

Another factor is Airbnb, which is distorting the market. In New York City, there are thousands more Airbnb rentals available for the entire apartment than standard rental apartments. Curbed recently reported, Further reduce the supply.

So how do people avoid these expensive prices? Many build huts with someone, such as a roommate or partner, or find a guarantor that is more than 40 times the rent they are willing to pay if the renter defaults.

Another option is to reduce the size. Median studio rents for April were $ 2,994 in Manhattan and $ 2,674 in Brooklyn. But even at those lower rates, anyone who hasn’t earned six digits will be issued.

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