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George Santos Roommate Talks About Congressman’s ‘Lies’

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Photo courtesy of Yasser Rabello

Putting up with bad roommates is as essential to the New York experience as a Yankees game. Everyone has horror stories, often just a few of them.But imagine your badass roommate turned out to be a cheater of historical proportions who came to power while allegedly lying Almost every aspect of his biography It was allegedly stolen from a homeless veteran’s dying dog. This is how his Florida-based pharmacist Yasser Rabello spent several months in 2013 and his 2014 relationship with George Santos (who then went by the name Anthony Devolder) and Santos’ sister, Tiffany. It is the sequence of events in which we find ourselves after living together. , and Mama, Fatima — in a two-bedroom in Queens. During his stay, he lost his Armani shirt and Ikea dresser. Now I’m glad he wasn’t more.

Rabello and I talked about a strange time in his life and the version of George Santos he knew as a very strange roommate. A rep for George Santos did not respond to Carved’s request for comment.

Our conversation has been condensed and edited.

how did you meet

I Met Anthony At The Mall Movie Theater In 2013 — We Were Watching beautiful creature, about witches. I just came to town and heard him speaking in Portuguese. we became friends. We went to the beach and went out for Halloween. I moved into his apartment with his mother and his sister in December of that year.

How was your living situation?

Rent was $500 and I paid a security deposit before seeing it. It was only 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom, but since the living room is large, they promised to make a partition in the living room to make it my bedroom. But when I got there they said they can’t do the partition, they bought the materials but it wasn’t possible, so they lost the money, blah blah blah. But there was no sign of them trying to work—no pencil marks on the walls, no dust, nothing like that. They ended up giving me Anthony’s bedroom and Anthony slept in the living room. The sofa didn’t even have sheets. He slept without a cover.

So he was always in the common space. what did he do all day

He was home all day, just browsing the web on his computer and probably chatting with people. He said he was a reporter for Globo in Brazil.

was lie downguess so.

He then told me that he was a model, worked at New York Fashion Week, met all the Victoria’s Secret models, and would be attending Fashion Week. trend magazine.

Someone else eventually moved out, right?

At first it was just the 4 of us. And Greg moved in January and slept on a mattress in the living room.


It was a busy situation. He had only one bathroom to share with many people at all times, including friends and family. It was always noisy. Then Anthony’s boyfriend also moved in and stayed on a different mattress.

That’s a lot of surprise roommates. How did you guys usually get along?

I had a catering job and was so busy that I hardly stayed. They cooked and served me food from time to time, but eventually I was told that the groceries had gone up and I couldn’t eat with them . so I, ok i won’t eat here anymoreEven water started putting cases of water in her mother’s bedroom.

Wait, they hid a water bottle in her bedroom so you had nothing? Did they hide anything else?

Anything other than food?

All this sounds like a lot. What was the final straw that made you decide to move?

No one had their own key. This is ridiculous. I don’t know who would do that. One day, I wake up to the phone ringing next to me. I was yelled at to let me in. The intercom was buzzing, but it was broken so I couldn’t hear it. When I let them in, Fatima started yelling at me in Portuguese to get out of her apartment. So I stopped staying there. But he still had a month left on his lease, so he kept going every day to get things.

what happened to that?

I arranged to rent a truck with a friend who has a driver’s license to get an IKEA dresser. I arranged a time to come with Anthony. He said, “Okay.” I tried to take my dresser, but a fight started. His mother said, “You’re not going to take my dresser.” I said, ‘Excuse me, how is this yours? Did you buy it? Do you have a receipt? Then a friend who was driving the truck wrote a letter to the property management company.

They were eventually kicked out. Where do you think the dresser is now?

Do not know. IKEA furniture is not sturdy enough to be moved many times. It must have been broken long ago.

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