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Fury As Landlord Sends ‘Specific Rules’ to Renter After Signing Contract

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a Position On Reddit, a user went viral after sharing an unusual list of “home guidelines” that landlords gave friends after signing a contract with them. new house.

A post shared by user QuantumAnti and titled “My friend received some questionable specific house rules from his landlord after he signed it” received over 13,000 upvotes, reddit Community ‘somewhat infuriating’

The “guidelines” consist of 14 numbers, starting with the innocuous “Vacuum your basement once a week.” The list then rapidly progresses to more unusual requests: “Get your boyfriend out of the house by 10pm. Be mindful of how often he comes here. In our house.” There is absolutely no sexual activity. This is happening. It goes against our religious beliefs of having premarital sex before marriage.”

“If female relatives are coming from out of town and need a place to stay overnight, ask for permission. If staying more than 2 nights, pay $10.00 for each additional night. ”

The final point is: “Your rent includes the basement, laundry room, and kitchen. It doesn’t matter if I’m here’, then I like my space. “

Other rules include no alcohol inside the house, shower speed, back door only, and no outdoor shoes inside the house.

In response to this post, user darkgunnerds wrote: In Arkansas where renters have no rights. “

Landlord handing over the keys. Stock image. A Reddit post went viral after the tenant signed the contract and the landlord made a list of demands for the tenant.
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Arkansas Law Help, an Arkansas-based legal advice organization, says on its website that landlords are encouraged to take legal action, including investigating possible criminal activity or investigating possible violations of rules or tenancy agreements. You write that you can enter the residence for various reasons. Any time without prior warning.

It says, “The law landlord Due to this broad entitlement to entry, it is advisable to have a lease clause that limits entry to a reasonable amount of time and gives at least 24 hours’ notice. “

Similarly, a landlord is not obliged to provide you with a habitable dwelling (i.e., a suitable place to live). It means that you have a nature.”

In addition, the landlord does not assume any obligations. home repair Unless that service is specifically spelled out in a written tenancy agreement, an organization must “examine the home before moving in to ensure it meets your needs and is in good condition. In that case, it’s time to move.”

Users in the comments suggest that such difficult rental accommodation is not an uncommon scenario.

One user, TakenUsername120184, wrote:

User Hardrocker1990 commented: ordered to do so, the court ordered him to pay. “

Newsweek I asked u/QuantumAnti for comment. Details of the incident could not be confirmed.

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