Home News Frank Macher’s Charlevoix home sold at auction for $9.8 million

Frank Macher’s Charlevoix home sold at auction for $9.8 million

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According to Kirk, $ 98.45 million in sales was the fifth highest ever in Michigan.

The sale ended on Tuesday. Rick Rovenhertz, an associate broker at Berkshire Hathaway Home Services in Charlevoix, said buyers bought real estate through LLC to maintain anonymity. Neither Kirk nor Rovenhertz revealed the buyer’s name. Neely said she didn’t know it. However, Kirk said the buyer came from the Detroit area and would use a 7-bedroom, 8.5-bathroom home as a second home.

“They want to be something now,” Rovenhertz said. “I can’t really emphasize that. How important is time to people these days? Most people in this price range have been looking for it for a long time.”

Neely said the house had been in and out of the market several times before his father died at the age of 80. The house, built in 2009, was a memorable place for many families. And they decided that the auction was the best choice.

“It makes much more sense than it would take another year or two to sell this,” she said. “It’s another way of looking at selling your home and it really worked for us.”

Located on Lake Charles Bois, the house has a waterfront near 200 feet, a theater room, a family games room with an import bar, and a 2,000 wine cellar. The 3-acre site also features a second-floor sundeck, an outdoor fireplace and pavilion, and a dock with two electric boat lifts. That’s 16,000 square feet.

“There’s plenty of space and the scenery is amazing,” Neely said. “It’s a beautiful house.”

Lobenherz said he recommended the auction after working with Interluxe before the sale. He said he was happy with the process, including the individual sale of home fixtures to buyers.

“This property is unique and still sells for about half the exchange price,” he said. “In a short period of time, interest and topics will increase.”

According to Kirk, in the 30 days that the house was sold to potential buyers, more than 1,500 inquiries were received and 31 groups of qualified buyers were able to tour the house. Others (including the final purchaser) never set foot in the house, but took part in 3D tours and toured agents. Ten bidders participated in the auction itself.

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