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Former Saunders Station post office building sold to staffing firm for $4M

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The former Saunders Station Post Office building at 1635 W. Broad St. sold for $ 4 million. ((((Michael Schwartz Photo).

One of the fastest growing companies in the region has found a new home to grow.

Summit Human Capital, an IT dispatching company founded in Richmond in 2018, will relocate its headquarters to the redeveloped Saunders Station Post Office Building, 1635 W. BroadSt.

The company, run by founder and president Glenn Diersen, purchased a 12,000-square-foot building for $ 4.1 million earlier this month.

Glen Diasen

In 2016, I bought a property from Mobelux, a local software maker that converted an old post office almost 100 years ago into a headquarters using a historic tax credit, but last year it was completely into a remote workforce. After switching, it was put on the market. Pandemic.

Mobelux chose to get its employees to work from afar, but Diersen said the new headquarters is the key to Summit Human Capital’s continued ascent.

“It’s a reinvestment in our team and the future of our team,” said Diasen. “It makes sense to scale up to keep growing.”

The company is expanding at a vigorous pace and has won the top spot last year. RVA25 list of the fastest growing companies in the region Revenue growth of 2,489% over the last three years. And earlier this year, Inc. According to Magazine’s Regional Growth List, it was named one of the fastest growing companies on the Mid-Atlantic coast. This is the predecessor of the larger Inc.5000 list, which will be released later this year.

The company is just Opened office in Washington DC area As it expands into government contracts.

Relocating next week, the Summit’s new Richmond space will increase significantly from the 2,600 square feet of its current office in the nearby Bookbinder Building. By January, the company had 40 employees working in the new office and an additional 160 employees offsite for clients, according to Diasen.

“It’s something we’re very excited to grow over decades,” he said. “Just four years ago, we were 700 square feet in Scotts Addition. All of our headquarters so far had to withdraw early for rapid growth.”

Thirty-year-old Diasen said he wasn’t actively looking for an office of this size when he was introduced to Mobilexville by an acquaintance last fall. After looking at the space, he said he saw how it could help attract and retain employees and become a place to bring clients for meetings and events. It also helped the space to be ready to move and include furniture. According to Dearsen, the company raised funds for the acquisition with a loan from the Atlantic Union Bank.

Group shot of the Summit Human Capital team. ((((Courtesy of Summit Human Capital).

“This was a very bold move. I’m a bold man, but it’s no exaggeration to say I wasn’t nervous,” he said. “We have a big, hairy and bold goal. Every year, including during a pandemic, we’re above that goal. We said we’re not going to play small.”

Mobelux, on the other hand, continues to do business as usual, albeit as a completely remote company.

Co-founder Garrett Ross said the sale of the building was a bittersweet process.

“We’ve always loved this building before we bought it in 2015,” he paid $ 812,000 for the building.

“I miss it. There were a lot of Jeff and I put it in the building,” Ross said of him and co-founder Jeff Locke. “There is a part of us that is always there.”

Mobelux Moved in late 2016.. It finally built a building to accommodate 50 employees. However, after that, a pandemic occurred.

Garrett Ross

“Over time, when the pandemic happened, I realized that the company had changed,” he said. “It didn’t make sense to have a building of that size anymore.”

The 14-year-old company currently has 25 employees and 35 are in a pandemic.

Prior to the pandemic, Ross said Mobelks had only one employee living and working outside Virginia. Currently, he said that almost 30 percent of his workforce lives outside the state.

They listed the Sanders Station building last year for $ 5.2 million.

Ross said vacating and selling the building does not mean that Movelax is having a hard time. It continues to be a software company for employment with clients such as Capital One, Ford, Colonial Williamsburg, and Elon Musk’s brother Kimbal Musk.

“We are not dying. We are trying to change, evolve and be better for our clients and employees,” he said. “I think that’s what a good company does.”

Ross said it is still unclear what the future holds for the needs of office space for companies like Moverax.

“I think it’s an issue that companies should tackle. The current common theme is that they can’t be the same, they can’t be the same,” he said. “How much workspace do you really need to start embodying these models?”

For Diersen, he said the answer to that question for his company was clear.

“If a company doesn’t have space for a future nova, they might achieve that, but I would argue that the speed of their development would definitely be hampered,” he says. rice field. “Our in-house associates, many of the people we hire are young and they are in desperate need of in-house face-to-face training. There is no substitute for face-to-face collaboration.”

Diersen added that Summit will continue to offer hybrid telecommuting options, but as a perk through performance and promotion from longevity.

For employees who have won the perks, Mr. Diasen said he is confident that the company’s new bargains will excite employees to come to the office anyway.

“Companies are fighting for home comfort. If not only is it comfortable to come to work, but you can create a truly destination environment, I hope those options are today. It means that it is rarely exercised like this, “he said.

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