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Former Ranch Hand Says Dude Ranch Paid Her $20 For 14-Hour Day

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A TikTok woman says she earned $ 20 in 14 hours of work on her first job at a dude ranch at the age of 16.

A woman known as Curly (user) @ shinebaby01) On TikTok, I shared a video detailing my work. Her video has been played about 378,000 times as of Monday.

In the video, Curly says dude ranch is a local company that everyone in the area appreciates. When she was 16, she wanted to get her summer job, and she saw an ad in the newspaper for her job on her ranch.

Curly was in the hands of the ranch because it was “probably a really nice place”. At work, she milks cows, cleans chicken coops, cuts hay, cuts firewood, entangles horses, helps ranch chefs prepare dinner for guests, cleans dishes, and cleans. You basically have to do everything, says Curly.

Management told Curly that the ranch would pay the minimum wage and instructed her to come for her first day next Monday. They said they would talk about the details at the end of the day.

@ shinebaby01 Ooooh trying to find a job when you are young is so much fun. No. #ranchhand #ranch #work #work #16 years old ♬ Original Sound – Curly

“I was like” great. ” You will love me, “Curly says in the video. “That was basically everything I wanted to do. I liked doing things with the hands of the ranch, just as I liked being outside. I wanted to make money all summer. I needed something to do. I thought I really enjoyed it. ”

That Monday, Curly appeared at the dude ranch at 6:30 am and immediately set about work, she says. She recognized her first red flag when she noticed that the horse used for her riding was “very inexperienced”. She says the five-year-olds riding horses got on horseback on the trail and Curly had to chase after the horse.

Throughout the day, TikToker “did everything” in her new job and was polite and diligent, she says. She even took out her face piercings as her management first told her that “people don’t come here to see it.”

Curly says she loved her job, “jumping over all their hoops.” She was there until 8:30 pm. So she worked 14 hours a day.

“I loved it for a long time. I was 16 years old, had energy and wanted money. I was there,” Curly said in a video.

At the end of the day, Curly approached the manager and reminded her that she would consider the details at the end of the day. TikToker says the manager reached for her personal wallet, withdrew a $ 20 invoice and handed it to Curly.

The viewer could not believe the end of the story.

“All that minimum wage ?? No,” one viewer commented on the video.

In a reply to the comment, Curly wrote, “Except for the minimum wage, she was actually just a lie who wanted to pay me $ 20 a day.”

In the first place, some viewers questioned the legality of having a 16-year-old girl work 14 hours a day.

“Legal, if you’re under the age of 18, you can’t work more than eight hours a day,” said one user.

The second user wrote, “How is it legal to do minor tasks for the first 14 hours?”

In the second highly requested TikTok video, Carley says, “This is all I have” after the manager handed over the $ 20 invoice. Confused Curly told her she didn’t have to pay her at that moment and asked what her normal payment period was. The manager told her, “It’s not really how this works here.”

@ shinebaby01 part 2.It’s finding a local job in a small town … suck #ranchhand #ranch #work #farm #16 years old #dontworkforfree ♬ Original Sound – Curly

So Curly asked her manager how it works, because she didn’t want to be paid $ 20 for 14 hours of hard work. In addition, TikToker states that she had to pay $ 13 for petrol just to get a job that morning.

“She goes on to teach us how to’hire’workers who basically come from other countries and just want to be there for experience. That’s why they live in lodges and do all the work for free. I like the experience on the ranch, “Curly said in a video. “And that’s what they wanted me to do.”

Curly says she explained to her manager that she lived locally, had to drive to the ranch for 45 minutes, and she didn’t intend to work for free. Her manager told Curly that she really liked her and they were going to scrape the gravel all day, so she wants to see her again tomorrow.

Curly told the manager that he couldn’t work on the ranch just by giving him $ 20 from his wallet every day, trying to avoid the conflict politely.

“And she basically tells me if I’m not willing to work for free, or if I work for $ 20 a day, or if I need to go somewhere to be ungrateful. And I need to thank you for the experience I’ve gained, “Curly says in the video. “Like honey, I already live on the farm. I have that experience at home. Thank you.”

The Daily Dot contacted user @ shinebaby01 via a TikTok comment.

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