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For His Birthday, Jeezy Says He Prefers To Gift Himself With Investment Properties Instead Of Watches And Chains

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A flashy lifestyle is no longer a rapper Jeezy I am interested in birthday presents. He wants to invest in real estate assets that offer guaranteed returns.

The Atlanta rapper recently sat down with his host Gilly Da King When Wallo Above $1 million worth of games podcast.

In interviews, he talked about not buying himself material items such as jewelry and cars.

“For every big check I’ve ever received, I’ve bought a property. I buy a property every birthday,” he said. “I don’t buy chains, watches, or cars. I buy real estate.”

As I recall, Jeezy Verzuz When gucci main That he owns “half of Atlanta.”

During the first few minutes of the episode, while discussing his new stage name, Big Snow, co-host Gillie chimed in and announced that the “Way Too Gone” artist was “motherf**king trap king to rap king.” I shared that I becameAnd added that now he’s the ‘Motherfucking King’ real estate King. “

Jeezy credits his dear friend and business partner Solo for broadening his perspective on the value of money.

“I was with my team. One of my best friends, friends and business partners — Solo is what we call him — [ended] One of my closest friends, my realtor, and he gave me the game,” said the 45-year-old.

He trusted his team and bought the land and building together at the beginning of his real estate journey.

But while he was on tour, Jeezy couldn’t get close to his investment. Upon returning and sitting with his estate, the rapper found out how much his estate’s value had grown.

“He set up a business and said, ‘Yeah, I know now that this building you bought for something is worth it. I was looking and I was like, ‘Damn! Like we didn’t do anything. was And from that day on, I was stuck,” he explained.

After realizing a significant return, he decided to use “every big check” and “birthday” to buy another property.

Although he has the best and longest rapping career in the game, Jeezy has always admired businessmen and wanted them to be confident in themselves.

“I think a lot of people didn’t realize that music was my talent and business was my passion. I always wanted to be a businessman,” Jeezy said. I wanted to run a company, I wanted to walk in the room and people were like, ‘Okay, look at his portfolio.’ “

He added that once he has a good understanding of real estate investing, he would like to share it with his peers on the rap. He revealed that he doesn’t understand why rappers are still selling drugs on the street when they can make more money through “easy” and legal ways.

“You ask some of my people who may know like Lake. DJdrama — I gave them all the games, all the connections, all the people — because they’re getting real money and doing real things,” he said. “And they’re going to turn on their artists and people they know.”

“For me, it’s like, ‘You can’t buy every property, so let’s do it together!'” he said.

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