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Florida housing market most susceptible of a downturn in a recession | Florida Trend Real Estate – Florida Trend

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Florida housing market most vulnerable to recession

A new report from full-service real estate broker Redfin finds the housing market, which has seen a surge in popularity and home prices soaring during the coronavirus pandemic, most vulnerable to a housing downturn in the event of a recession. The housing market has already seen a “significant slowdown” this spring as higher mortgage rates forced many potential buyers out of the market.see more Space Coast Daily and the business observer.

Florida launches plan to temporarily keep homeowners’ insurance in case of downgraded ratings

Florida regulators Wednesday announced a temporary plan to help homeowners maintain coverage amid concerns that financial rating agencies could downgrade a number of property and casualty insurers. The plan includes the state’s Citizens Property Insurance Corp. acting as a financial backstop. Citizens play a reinsurance role, ensuring that claims are paid if private insurers become insolvent.more florida news serviceWhen wesh.

As ‘COVID refugees’ leave Florida, renters may start seeing price easing

A slowdown in the U.S. housing market in 2022 may have whittled away some of the trends that took hold in the first two years of the pandemic. This could be good news for Florida renters, whose apartment prices are skyrocketing due to the movement of his remote workers who wanted to set up shop in a more attractive location. [Source: Philly Voice]

Column: Should Real Estate Agents Sell Expensive Homes for More Money?

At the same commission rate, a real estate agent selling an $800,000 home would earn eight times as much as someone selling a $100,000 home. But does it take eight times as much effort to sell a more expensive property? Does it cost more to an agent to sell a more expensive home? Can you afford such a place? Is it more difficult to find buyers? Is your sales process taking longer? Need more paperwork? Are there any other rules or regulations that must be followed? [Source: Miami Herald]

Blue-collars on the brink: Working-class families are being pushed from apartments to homelessness

More working-class people are in what housing experts call “situational homelessness” as wages remain stagnant, rents soar and are being cut from the rental market. increase. Some people have to live away from their cars. He saves money a day or he two days a week at a motel, or stays in a 24-hour parking lot. Many South Florida renters have reported rent increases of $200 to $1,000 per month upon lease renewal, and over the past year rents have increased by over 20%. [Source: South Florida Sun-Sentinel]

This week’s stats
The discreet five-bedroom home in Central Florida originally went public for $750,000 on May 12th. Two weeks later, the price dropped to $699,000. It dropped to $650,000 on June 15th. Exactly one month later, the agent pushed in all the chips and reduced the price to his $300,000. [Source: Realtor.com]

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