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Fitler Square Midcentury Modern Townhouse for Sale

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This courtyard townhouse in the city’s historic center recently received historically sensitive updates.

Instead of facing Cypress Street, the six townhouses that make up 2411 Delancey Street face the courtyard, which is accessed via a walkway from Delancey. Located on Unit F, 2411 Delancey Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, this end unit is the most frankly modernist of the five original units that survived (the fire next to Unit A severely damaged Unit A and was demolished. Was rebuilt). | Photo: Via Billy Kyle, Atmos Imagery, Marion Dinofa, Compass

The Rittenhaus-Fitler Historic District is one of the oldest city-designated historic districts in Philadelphia. Specifically, it was the third to be established in 1995.

So will this modern townhouse in Fitler Square’s mid-century be historic? According to the city’s history committee, the development of a 6-unit courtyard, including this house, is listed as a “non-contributory” structure within the district.

Unit F Sale Fitler Square Mid Century Modern Townhouse Aerial Photo House

Aerial view of unit F

But if you love mid-century modern architecture and design, this house, built in 1964, certainly contributes to much of its own history. The columns speak Philadelphia’s traditional brick vernacular, but as the front window of the house shows, this end unit has been treated more frankly by the Bauhaus in recent refurbishments. At the same time, the wrought-iron Juliet balcony on the main floor adds a traditional touch.

Homes for sale Fitler Square Mid Century Modern Townhouse Den


On the ground floor is this charming study with a garage of two cars accessible from Cypress Street, laundry facilities, a full bath, a brick fireplace and a bookshelf. This room could probably serve as a third bedroom.

House for sale Fitler Square Mid Century Modern Townhouse Main Floor

Main floor

House for sale Fitler Square Mid Century Modern Townhouse Living Room

Living room

House for sale Fitler Square Mid Century Modern Townhouse Dining Room

dining room

The main floor is an open plan centered on “Kitchen Island,” which I have never seen before.


Looking towards the kitchen and living room

With the Qb3 Design kitchen transformation, the kitchen has become a bridge between the living room facing the courtyard and the dining room facing Cypress Street.

And while a typical open-plan kitchen has a simple counter-height island, this makes the kitchen its own room by using a full-height island with wooden panels as a central architectural element. The island has a sub-zero freezer, Wolf’s built-in oven, and storage cabinets.


Looking towards the kitchen and dining room

Also, the architect was able to keep the space above the counter on the opposite wall completely open. In addition to a clean and tidy look, there is a retractable brew hood for the Wolf gas stove.

The bedroom


The bedroom


The top floor has two bedrooms and a refurbished full bath. The single light window in the bedroom facing south fills the space with plenty of sunlight.



And the refurbished bathroom is a more recent addition to the aesthetics of modernism.

The orientation of this mid-century modern townhouse in Fitler Square and its neighbor’s courtyard means enjoying peace and tranquility in the heart of the city. It also has easy access to School Kill River Park, School Kill River Trail and University City. You can also park your car in the garage in most cases if the property has a walk, transportation, or bike score of 97 or higher.

So who cares if the city doesn’t think this property contributes to the characteristics of the Rittenhaus-Fitler historic district? Its unique style and design contributes to the overall appeal of the neighborhood.

Fine print

bed: 2

Bathtub: 2

Square foot: 1,463

Sales price: $ 999,000

2411 Delancey St., Unit F, Philadelphia, PA 19103 [Marion Dinofa | Philadwellphia | Compass]

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