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First Look At Kushner’s Plan For 1,000 Apts. At Monmouth Mall

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EATONTOWN, N.J. — At a special meeting of the Eatontown Borough Council last week, August 15, the Kushner Companies made a rare public presentation of what it plans to build at Monmouth Mall.

This was Kushner’s second time discussing his plans at Monmouth Mall with the public, in what he calls a “town hall meeting.” was founded by Charles Kushner.

The Kushner family is the developer of Pier Village in Long Branch. Charles Kushner and his wife still live in Long Branch.

The August 15th presentation was made by Michael Sommer, Vice President of Development and Construction at Kushner Cos. he said:

  • The existing 1.5 million square foot retail store at Monmouth Mall will be reduced to 900,000 square feet. 600,000 square feet, or 40% of his current mall, will be completely removed. A large part of that comes with the closure of JC Penney, which closes in September or October. Monmouth Mall’s current occupancy is 59%, and it’s his one million square feet currently occupied.
  • Kushner Cos. wants to build 1,000 one- and two-bedroom rental apartments in the mall to replace the empty retail store. The new housing complex will be called “Monmouth Village.”
  • Many residents fear this will lead to overcrowding in schools. Kushner expects most tenants won’t have children because the apartments aren’t that big. “I don’t think there will be many school-aged children in these buildings.”
  • The apartment will be built in stages.
  • Kushner is confident he can rent all 1,000 units. “He feels strongly that there is overwhelming demand for 1,000 units in the right place,” he said. “There is a high demand for this type of product adjacent to our planned store renovation.”
  • The apartment is described as luxurious with stainless steel appliances, high end countertops and finishes.
  • Includes an outdoor pool, fitness center and clubhouse with room for business meetings for residents.
  • These apartments have no age limit.
  • Comes with 1,300 residential parking spaces and each apartment unit has a guaranteed parking space.
  • Kushner is currently looking for a grocery store to open a 40,000-square-foot space in the mall to serve new apartment dwellers.
  • There is also an outdoor “village/public green” around which the developer hopes to create walking and biking trails. increase.
  • Kushner envisions Monmouth Village as a new type of ‘town center’ in Eatontown, hoping small businesses such as nail salons and dry cleaners will open near his apartments.
  • No property is more than four stories tall. “For these new apartment complexes, we want to keep the site at a consistent four-story height,” Sommer said.
  • Kushner would be “open” to proposals to build a pedestrian connecting bridge across the Rt. Rts 36 which connects to nearby shopping malls. 35/36. That would be expensive and would be difficult to get state approval for, he admitted.
  • There are no plans to build cell towers.

The Eatontown Planning Commission has yet to approve Kushner’s proposal to build an apartment.

However, the town of Eatontown had already declared Monmouth Mall a “redevelopment area,” and the town actually worked with Kushner to come up with the idea of ​​a multifamily unit.

“This was the result of a series of discussions,” Eatontown Mayor Anthony Talerico Jr. told Patch last month. “They[Kushner]didn’t come up to us and say, ‘Do this.’ Units may piss some people off. But we need to create some kind of product that generates ratings so we can collect taxes for this site.”

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