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‘Financially attainable’ apartments proposed for empty lot on Broadway in Boise

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Forty apartments could be built in a long vacant lot on Broadway Avenue in Boise.

MVRK Development in Denver wants to build two three-story buildings on 1.1 acres of 2312 S. Broadway Ave. next to the Pioneer Federal Credit Union branch.

The project will include 29 one-bedroom apartments and 11 two-bedroom apartments for a total of 51 bedrooms.

The project, titled Ascent Broadway, will include 48 parking spaces and plenty of facilities.

“The project proposes multiple open space amenity areas located inside the site, with various plaza / patio spaces, seats, fenced dog areas, bocce / game areas, and unit private patio / balconies. It is configured. Everything provides resident comfort and enjoyment and meets the requirements of the planned unit development code, “Ben Temple of Rodney Evans + Partners wrote in the application. “Parking and landscape buffers on the eastern side of the site enable vast landscaping containing a mixture of evergreens and deciduous trees, shrubs and perennials.

“Financially achievable”

In the letter, Temple explained in great detail the MVRK’s development approach. Although based in Denver, Temple said the company currently does all the work in the boise market.

“We want to create the strongest possible value proposition for every asset we buy or develop,” Semple wrote in the first person on behalf of MVRK. “Our overall paper behind our market and submarket choices, and the products we develop, are driven by socio-economic and socio-economic factors. Simply put. We aim to develop economically achievable products that are recognized to appeal to as many markets as possible and provide significant value from the market. We look at our property to all tenants. , I want you to think, “This is a great value for the cost.” “

As is common in project applications for new apartment projects, the report does not show what the apartment can rent for when completed.

Currently, there are four large trees on the premises. Applicants claim that each tree is “damaged / unhealthy” and propose to cut down trees to give way to apartments.

They say they will plant seven new big trees in a new location on the site.

The project must obtain approval for planned unit development from the city of Boise and also obtain a design review.

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