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Father gifts son 20 properties to help him attract a wife

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Like China Population growth has fallen to its lowest level in 61 years, With just over 2021 deaths, parents are desperate to find a lifelong partner for their children.

But one dad in particular is taking it to a whole new level.

According to China News Outlet Jim newsHebei’s father appeared in a blind date matchmaker with over 20 real estate certificates in hopes of seducing his wife for his 24-year-old son.

These matchmaking corners are public spaces commonly found in major cities and small towns in China where parents gather to find potential companions for their children.

Circulating video footage Social media shows that his father has a pile of papers with a pink tote bag. Since this video appeared on social media, it has been played more than 78 million times on Weibo, the platform equivalent to Twitter.

His father brought a tote bag with a pile of property certificates to the matchmaking corner.

“The father isn’t trying to brag. He just wanted to show his integrity and find a daughter-in-law in an equal position,” said Jim, the matchmaker who registered his father’s date details.・ I told the news.

“He said his son has a stable job and has many good qualities.”

But now viral videos raise questions about how parents can go to find a spouse for their child.

“Such pressure is a little too great. Maybe my boy doesn’t want to get married,” one commented.

And perhaps it can even create some new competition.

“This is the upper limit of marriage,” another commented, setting a high standard for qualified singles.

This move is also due to millennials increasingly avoiding marriage and China’s marriage rate dropping to its lowest level in 36 years in the last eight years.

In August 2021, China changed the law to allow couples to legally permit Have up to 3 children Following the population decline.

In Chinese culture, women expect to get married before they turn 30. If you do not marry after the age of 27, the woman is called “shengnu” which means “remaining woman”.

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