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Fancy New UES Building Is Smelly, Leaky And Unsafe, Lawsuit Says

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Upper East Side, NY — Residents of a luxury condominium in Lenox Hill built it, saying the new building suffers from crude construction that causes water leaks, safety issues, and rotting odors. I am suing the company.

The seven-story building on 165 E.6 2nd St. between Lexington Street and Third Avenue was completed in 2020. Explained In marketing materials as “the finest boutique luxury condominiums” in the “most desirable” area of ​​the Upper East Side.

However, residents of 10 apartments in the building claimed that “there are a lot of bad buildings left” that violated government regulations, impaired quality of life and broke promises before buying a home. I’m telling a completely different story.

The Proceedings It was submitted by the Building Condominium Commission on Friday to Churchill Real Estate Holdings, the developer and sponsor of the building, and the county-wide builder, the contractor for the construction.

The “worst” of the building’s flaws is its transparent appearance, which causes leaks in roofs, walls, windows and doors, floods the entire apartment and “massive floods” in the basement. The lawsuit states that it caused.

Residents list 71 different building features that they say are inadequate, such as poorly installed flooring, moldings and trims. Cracked bathroom tiles; defective kitchen range; excessive noise caused by lack of soundproofing; and bad ventilation leading to “sewage odor” — “residents enjoy their home peacefully and quietly” Makes it very difficult. “

“The list is getting bigger and bigger,” says the proceedings.

$ 12,500 fine

An even bigger concern is the lack of fire doors around the building and the damage to the refractory. This is a violation of city law that creates “the real risk of a rapid spread of fire throughout the building.”

According to DOB ​​records, building contractors are required to pay a $ 12,500 fine for safety issues during the construction phase. (Google map)

The problem at 165 E. 62nd St. began before the building opened. issued October 2020 Suspension Order for Dangerous Construction Issues — Subsequent Additions violation When work continues despite the work stop order.

The county as a whole will be fined a total of $ 12,500 for defects. WeatherabilityExpired permission When Violate According to the Housing and Architecture Bureau, a work suspension order.

According to the proceedings, the dire situation corresponds to breach of contract, negligence, and fraud, as the developers did not show any defects in the building when they sold the apartment in 2019. (According to Streeteasy, the units sold for $ 2.1 million to $ 4.9 million, respectively. record.. )

The proceedings require a minimum of $ 8 million in damages from Churchill and the county as a whole. Neither company immediately responded to the request for comment on Monday.

Luxury blocks on East 62nd Street have dominated the construction controversy in recent months.Only one block east, the owner of the 210 E.6 2nd St. Townhouse Get involved in the battle With neighbors and the city Build extensions It was not authorized by the Landmark Commission.

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