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Ex-Upper East Side Super Says Building Sabotaged His Future Job

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Upper East Side, NY — A former supermarket in the Upper East Side co-operative building is suing his former employer after paying a high settlement for lost wages.

Elijaz “Eddie” Markasevic worked from 2003 to 2017 at 241 East 76th St., a 10-story building on the corner of 2nd Avenue, where he started out as a handyman and doorman and was promoted to director.

But by 2016, things got worse. Markasevic Was sued The building’s board claims that he and other employees were paid below the minimum wage and were deprived of overtime for years.

Markasevic and the board finally reached a $ 119,400 settlement in 2017, and the building did not admit cheating. The agreement includes a confidentiality clause that prohibits the parties from discussing the settlement in detail and an unscrupulous clause that requires the Board to provide Markasevic with a neutral reference for future work. I did.

Five years later, Markasevic has returned to court with a new claim. The building manager said he blocked his application for a new job by discussing the reconciliation.

Just weeks after reaching the 2017 settlement, Markasevic applied for an open super job at 130 West 57th St. The interview was “very successful” and Markasevic received an “enthusiastic reference” from the former supervisor at 241 East 76th St.

An email excerpt from Marca Sevic’s former boss, 241 East 76th St., to his future employer, 130 West 57th St., ultimately opposed his recruitment. (NY Supreme Court)

“I’ve known Eddie for nearly a decade and can’t talk enough about him,” the former supervisor wrote in an email included in the proceedings. “Eddie has great work ethic and I could always rely on him to maximize his level to get things done.”

But then the manager of the new building spoke with Jonathan Scutari, the account executive of AKAM Associates. This account manages 241 East 76th St. Ater. , “According to a new proceeding.

Marca Sevic believes that Scutari “discloses inappropriate details” of the settlement and violates its terms, according to a new proceeding filed by Marca Sevic. Submission At the State Supreme Court on Tuesday. Former supermarkets are demanding $ 500,000 in damages.

Scutari did not respond to the request for comment, but the AKAM Management representative declined to comment.

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