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Ex-employees sue FGMC for discrimination, retaliation

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Three ex-employees are suing First Guaranty Mortgage Corporation (FGMC) and financial supporters Pacific Investment Management Company (PIMCO), they claim they were discriminated against on the basis of gender and then complained and retaliated.

Lynley VanSingel, Melanie Meyer, and Jessie Palmer filed a proceeding against FGMC and PIMCO in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Texas on Thursday, June 23, the day before PIMCO-backed FGMC. Eliminates nearly 80% of employees When shut down.. FGMC Chapter 11 Applying for Bankruptcy Protection At Delaware on Thursday, June 30th.

In the proceedings, plaintiffs’ bosses, including CEO Aaron Samples, Senior Vice President Jordan Simons, and Brandon Jewkes, said, “Gender, discriminatory, bullying, and hostile microaggression based on treatment that male employees have never experienced. Negative treatment including “.

VanSingel, Meyer, and Palmer also allege that FGMC and PIMCO have removed responsibility from them and changed salary and reporting structures for gender. According to the proceedings, Van Singel and Palmer were dismissed and Meyer was demoted with a significant reduction.

The proceedings allege that PIMCO “intentionally allowed FGMC to run out of capital due to FGMC’s capital shortage and / or improper transfer of assets from FGMC.”

Van Singel, a former senior vice president of learning and organizational development at FGMC, has sued FGMC and PIMCO for failing to pay a severance pay for 60 days after being dismissed in February 2022.

Van Singel claims to have experienced discriminatory behavior from the Senior Vice President of Retail Sales Simons in January 2022. According to Van Singel, during the meeting, Simons claimed that the trainers assigned to his team were not experts. When Van Singel sought certain complaints, Simon couldn’t bring up any other points other than playing rap music in class during breaks, Van Singel said in a proceeding.

Throughout the meeting, Simmons continued to correct her and told her that her way of speaking was detrimental to her credibility, Van Singel claimed. According to the proceedings, he adopted “gender-based microaggression in conversation.”

Van Singel contacted her direct boss, Chief Administrative Officer Dwayne Smith, but she was dismissed shortly after the complaint, so her concerns remained unresolved, she said in a proceeding. ..

Van Singel was dismissed by Smith for expressing frustration, claiming that the comments she made in the self-assessment section of the annual review were an honest assessment of the past year. Court documents state that they are. Van Singel later learned, according to the proceedings, that the CEO had decided to terminate shortly after her complaint about Simons and before her self-assessment comments.

Hired in October 2020 as a mortgage originator with about 20 years of experience, Simmons voiced after asking some data about the report Simmons shared at the January 2022 meeting. Claimed to have raised. Her manager sent her a message apologizing for Simon’s behavior. Simmons later sent Meyer a text apologizing for his explosion, but she said she did not apologize in front of the group.

In a phone call with Simmons in late January, Meyer suggested that if his group could convert more loans than other inexperienced teams, he would increase his lead in the experiment. Simmons is said to have told Meyer in a non-professional way so as not to doubt how things were set up. When Meyer brought an encounter to her boss Jukes, Meyer was told to bring her things to Simons, and she claimed that “she couldn’t be afraid of his reaction.”

Despite receiving an award for group performance in January 2022, Meyer could be fired or demoted to an hourly call center loan officer from HR teams Simmons and Jukes. I was informed that there is. She resigned in April 2022 after assuming the position of Loan Officer at the Call Center every hour.

According to the proceedings, the company accepted Meyer’s resignation, but never responded to her complaint. She stated in her resignation that her demotion was “a constructive dismissal due to sexism and retaliation.”

Palmer, who was hired as a sales manager in March 2021, claimed that Simmons had hired a loan originator that she chose not to hire. She claims that the candidate was discriminatory and rude during the interview. Candidate Sydney Elliott called Palmer “honey” and “lover” in an interview, the proceedings allege. The proceedings allege that the Jews chose to hire him, even though they knew what the candidate was doing.

Elliott was later transferred to Palmer’s team and again called her a “lover” during the first weekly one-on-one, Palmer said. After Elliott complained to Simons that he couldn’t report to Palmer because he “did not think he could work with a woman,” Simons and Jukes “acknowledged Elliott’s discriminatory demands,” she equated with Palmer. Did not provide a replacement for. The proceedings said.

Simmons later admitted to Palmer that he knew he should fire Elliott, Palmer claimed. After that incident, Jukes began to criticize Palmer’s originator’s file quality. Palmer claimed that Palmer was equivalent to the company’s top originator.

In January 2022, Palmer was informed that he was fired due to low sales volumes days after reporting some discrepancies in final production to payroll team employees. Palmer claimed that she had been about $ 80,000 since she achieved her goal of $ 10 million in sales, but she reported that she was far from that number.

Plaintiffs are seeking judgment in three separate counts. They are seeking backpay, frontpay, pension benefits, stock options, bonuses, health benefits, and other remedies needed to cover them.

The FGMC refused to comment on the proceedings. None of the nominated defendants responded to the request for comment. Attorneys at VanSingel, Meyer, and Palmer also did not respond to requests for comment.

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