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English Avenue development, BeltLine overhauls, MARTA’s vision

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English Avenue— Another sign that developers remain bullish on English Avenue is a multipurpose project going along the North Side Drive between Georgia Institute of Technology and an extension of the Atlanta Beltline that opened last year. increase.

Has completed Apartment community Throughout Metro Atlanta, Milk Creek Residential is currently targeting 576 Northside Drive parcels for a venture called Modeler Westside. Bisnow Atlanta Report.. On a 2.4-acre site owned by Atlanta Gaslight, there is a low-rise warehouse building and ground parking where Northside Drive and North Avenue meet, southeast of Lincoln Street Company. Echo Street West business.

Modeler Westside project site along Northside Drive, just west of the Georgia Institute of Technology campus. Google map

Other landmarks in the area are about a block away from Rapper TI’s Trap Museum and 1.7 miles away. Westside BeltLine Connector A trail connecting downtown with the western edge of the beltline.Just east of the site, the PATH Foundation has the former Bankhead Bridge. More functional connection In midtown.

Earlier this month, Milk Creek submitted a special administrative permit to the city to advance the Modeler Westside project. The number and height of units provided by the development is unknown, but SAP documents indicate a mix of commercial spaces, rooftop pools and other equipment.

A 2.4-acre site owned by Atlanta Gaslight on the right, seen earlier this year. Google map

EASTSIDE TRAIL—Axios Atlanta relay Thankfully, the construction of the “dangerous and busy” intersection near Piedmont Park, where BeltLine’s East Side Trail, Monroe Drive, and 10th Avenue meet, is being mercifully overhauled.

Six years ago, a midtown high school student, Alexia Heineman, was beaten to death at an intersection on her way home by bicycle from school. Every weekend, at intersections, there are countless confrontations and near misses between BeltLine users and vehicles passing by.

According to the office of Alex One, a member of the Atlanta City Council, the city will bid for construction this month to redesign the intersection. This includes climbing the intersection to low speed vehicles, removing the 10th Avenue turn lane, and extending the 10th Avenue bicycle lane, which leads directly to the East Side Trail. (Not included in the plan: an expensive and convenient bridge over the lane, the source of a decade of urbanist dreams.)

Planned changes to join 10th Street, Monroe Drive and Eastside Trail. Courtesy of Alex Wan’s office, Member of the Atlanta City Council

Further south on the East Side Trail, it looks like the former Paris of Ponce The number of days in the building is the same as the number of days in the restaurant I loved six years ago. 8 arms, July 2nd Ends current dining program at the building next door.An eccentric and long-standing antique retail store and event space building— Built in 1925 and spans 46,000 square feet — was heavily damaged by a fire in 2019.

Backhead-based developer Cartel Properties recently purchased the last piece needed to redevelop a 1.2-acre Virginia-Highland property. Atlanta Business Chronicle Report. Its 215-foot Belt Line frontage is a good reason for the 215 to maximize its appeal in more attractive applications. However, it is not yet clear what the cartel is planning at this ATL beachfront.

Canberton Road—MARTA announced that it will hold a Community Development Conference in Southwest Atlanta on Tuesday night to discuss the Campbellton Community Investment Corridor Project. Fuss Earlier this year, when transportation revealed that it was pursuing high-speed bus transportation instead of a fixed light rail system.

Malta states that a centrally driven BRT system is recommended for the Canberton Road Corridor. [an] Analysis and feedback of alternatives received from the community. “Malta 2040

The 6-mile corridor in question connects the Green Briar Mall area with Auckland City Station in MARTA and currently contains one of MARTA’s busiest bus routes. The conference will provide an opportunity for the project team to provide information on the project’s land use, affordability and design aspects, and to learn about the proposed high-capacity transportation modes presented by residents, business owners and stakeholders. “According to MARTA, which did not mention the bus in the announcement, we are seeking approval from the MARTA board of directors.”

It is scheduled for Tuesday from 6 pm to 7:30 pm. Junction 2800 Located on Canberton Road.

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