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Eklund-Gomes to Open West Village Office

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From left: Fredrik Eklund and John Gomes in front of 41 Bank Street (Eklund-Gomes, Douglas Elliman, Google Maps)

With the latest additions to the home A securities company that drives the death of traditional officesDouglas Elliman’s Top produce team We have a flexible workplace in West Village.

The Eklund-Gomes team occupies over 1,100 square feet on 41 Bank Street, where Tiffany and Marc Jacobs had a short-term shopping experience. Unlike the current 10,000-square-foot office on 936 Broadway, the new office will be a hub for agents to access their hot desks.

41 Fredrik Eklund and John Gomes outside Bank Street (provided by Eklund-Gomes)

41 Fredrik Eklund and John Gomes outside Bank Street (provided by Eklund-Gomes)

According to the city’s top housing broker TRD ranking, the broker was the top broker team across Manhattan last year, winning $ 492 million in 140 transactions in the autonomous region.

The team Led by Fredrick Eklund — Bravo’s “Million Dollar List— And John Gomez. The team has 90 agents in 12 markets in 4 states and plans to expand to Las Vegas.

Eklund and Gomes said they weren’t necessarily in the new office market, but when one of the agents was caught up in the wind of Tiffany’s end of lease, they claimed a symbolic property for themselves. I decided to do it.

“It was brought to us very organically,” Eklund said.

The team has signed a five-year lease that may be extended. Designed by Paris Forino as a luxury showroom, the space will be completed in the fall.

“I don’t want to see the list in the window,” says Eklund.

The new office doesn’t mean a big boost to recruitment, but Gomess said the broker “continues to expand our team.” Still, having a hub in West Village, where brokers say they are trading a lot, can attract agents doing business in the area.

The new brokerage firm is working on a change in attitude about work arrangements after the city’s office market. Hybrid office modelInstead of the desk assigned to host the agent every day.

“The truth is that people are up and around,” Gomess said. “I always tell the agent, when we look at the agent in the office,” What are you doing here, this is not the place where you make money. “

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