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Don’t judge Malachy’s on the Upper West Side by its cover

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This bar seems to be too many.

The Upper West Side drinking fountain Malachy’s has been replacing its façade since late April, leaving its dreaded appearance with dilapidated plywood and some Irish flags.

“Obviously, the current situation looks like a disaster zone and needs to be fixed,” said John Hill, who is running the Instagram handle. UWS architecture.. “Projecting such an atmosphere is not great for a business, neighborhood, or city.”

Irish — and many others — the eyes of the neighborhood aren’t laughing.

“It’s a shame to leave something that looks like that in a otherwise very clean block,” said Haley Fox, owner of Alice’s teacup, one block away. “At least paint on it.”

But since the late 80’s, Malassies on West 72 Street off Columbus Avenue has been a place like “because it’s old and ugly,” claims news site owner Mike Mishkin. ilovetheupperwestside.com..

“We’ve started burning crack dens from the dive bars, but we hope they look better once the refurbishment is complete,” he said.

The “old and ugly” bar will look like this when the refurbishment is complete:

Owner Teresa Kelly McCarthy explained that the renovation plan (replace the torn awnings and add windows to open) was in the pre-pandemic pipeline.

“I said,’Maybe it’s going to attract more people,'” explained Ailenative, who was a waitress there before buying the bar with Billy Raftary in 2015.

It was her idea to add a flag.

“I said,’We have nothing there, let’s put the Irish flag around it, and I separated them from St. Patrick’s Day. [decorations] And I got them all stuck, “she explained.

McCarthy claimed that the bar did not receive any negative feedback about its appearance.

Marathy's Donegal Inn
For some patrons, the unsightly façade is more attractive than deterrence.
JC rice

“They thought we were burned out,” she said.

Construction began in late April, but the project was canceled because the contractor was waiting for additional permits.

Some residents The state of the bar said it gave a hip new atmosphere to the neighborhood, well known for baby and dog carriages.

“I think it actually looks like a small piece of East Village on the Upper West Side,” said Sophie Orich, who lives a few blocks away.

And that may be good for that profit.

“I thought it was closed, but I was intrigued to see people coming and going and checking,” said Matt Meoni, a resident of Bedstai Besanto who worked in the area. I did.

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