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Developers tweak two-tower plan to preserve more of Legend’s view

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A rendering of what the new view from Legend Brewing’s deck will look like when the proposed apartment is built.Image credit: Avery Hall Investments)

Planning a nine-figure project in front of Legend Brewing Co., the developer returned to the drawing board with the brewery’s familiar skyline view in mind.

Avery Hall Investments, a Brooklyn-based company that has contracted to purchase approximately three acres of riverside land at 301 W. Sixth St. in Manchester, has fine-tuned plans for the site.

in July The developers revealed their plans A 17-story building near Manchester Bridge on the west side of the lot and an L-shaped 11-story building on the east side.

However, after discussions with neighbors, the most famous was Legend Brewing Co. That patio view was so blocked by the building that Avery Hall now plans to bring the west building 81 feet east and 20 feet closer to the river. This move, they say, will preserve more of the view of downtown from the Legend’s deck.

Avery Hall is currently planning to shorten the length and increase the height of the building on the east side. Instead of being 11 stories high, along West 6th Avenue he’ll be 16 stories high, and facing Perry Street he’ll be 17 stories high, which they say helps maintain visibility.

Jesse Wark, partner at Avery Hall, said: “We got feedback mainly from Legends, but also from the community that they wanted to prioritize the downtown view. It was clear across the board.”

Avery Hall partner Brian Ezra said the redesign prioritized downtown views, “understanding that it’s hard to get everything you need.”

The company unveiled the plans at the Manchester Alliance meeting on Thursday, which was attended by Ellen Robertson, the city councilor for the Manchester-containing district, and Kevin Bonk, the city’s director of planning and development reviews.

After the meeting, Dave Gott, Legend’s vice president of operations, said he felt the new design was an improvement, but that “more than three stories, long or short, is not good for us.” rice field.

“They’re going to do what they’re legally allowed to do. It’s going to happen,” Gott added.

An updated site plan for a proposed apartment development at 301 W. Sixth St., Manchester.

view from McRae & Lacy Townhome Development from VA’s Eagle Construction The eastern side of Legend will also be affected by the project.

Kirk Johnson, who lives at McRae & Lacey with his wife and Manchester Alliance board member Janet Woodka, said he also found the new design better than the previous one.

“Overall, they seem to have made some improvements. But there is still room for further improvement,” said Johnson. “And overall size matters.”

The project is expected to build between 525 and 550 apartments in Manchester, about the same number requested by Avery Hall’s original design.

The two buildings will be connected by a four-story parking garage, with at least one parking space provided for each unit, Work and Ezra said.

The developer still plans to pursue a special-use permit to gain rights to the project. This becomes necessary because his RF-2 riverfront zoning of the land is only allowed up to his 13th floor. Ezra and Wark said they have plans to develop the land if they do not receive the SUP.

Ezra and Wark declined to disclose the cost of the project, but Ezra said it would be in the nine figures range.

The duo said they now realize that choosing this Manchester site as their entry into the Richmond market has proven to be more complicated than they originally thought.

“Obviously, we have a dedicated community here, which makes us work a little harder. I have,” said Work.

Ezra added: This is a really great place and something they care about and think is important because people are motivated to protect it as they think it is best to protect it. “

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