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Developer proposes five-story apartment building on Delaware Ave. in Allentown | Business Local

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A local real estate company that already owns eight residential and commercial real estate properties in Buffalo and Kenmore wants to bring a new five-story building with 44 market-priced apartments to Delaware Avenue in Allentown. is.

LCB Capital, headquartered in Kenmore but owned by an investor in central New Jersey, is proposing to build a multipurpose building in a parking lot in the middle of the block between Allen Street and Virginia Street.

The 34,002-square-foot brick and metal panel building features 40 one-bedroom and two-bedroom apartments on the upper floors above the ground parking lot. On the upper floors of the adjacent two-story building, the remaining four buildings will be added to a part of the site, and the first floor will be retail space.

Two views of 505 and 515 Delaware Avenue.

Buffalo Zoning Refereeing Department

Located on 505 and 515, Delaware, returning to Virginia Place, the 0.6-acre site includes parking and a partially occupied clinic building hosting the East Coast Orthotics and Prosthesis Corporation. Create more ground parking and green spaces according to Stephanie M. Hunt’s plans for Silvestri Architects.

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When completed, the two buildings will contain 48,168 square feet of space, Hunt said.

Yang Li’s LCB, who lives in West Windsor, NJ, wants four differences from the Zoning Referee’s Green Code in terms of parcel width, vestibular retreat, ground floor transparency, and ground floor height.

“A redevelopment project wouldn’t be feasible if the project was redesigned to be strictly compliant with the green code,” Hunt wrote.

She said the LCB needs a ground floor for a covered parking lot. Also, the project spans two separate lots, which are combined for the project, resulting in a very large lot width.

The $ 4.35 million project also requires approval from the City Planning and Conservation Commission and other permits. Developers want to start working by late 2023 or early 2024, Hunt said.

The Zoning Commission will also consider Buffalo’s Ammer Shybi’s proposal to build a one-story multi-tenant retail and restaurant building on 881 Broadway near an existing retail building under renovation for the same property.

881 Broadway

A new retail building proposed on Broadway.

Buffalo Zoning Refereeing Department

According to Shybi’s application, the proposed 14,100-square-foot building will be built by Lamparelli Construction as a replacement for a demolished commercial building on 1.4 acres of land.

Use existing parking lots for 40-45 cars on Broadway and Detroit Street.

Shybi wants five differences from the Green Code in terms of window transparency and setbacks, including allowing new buildings to be systematically placed instead of placing new ones along Broadway, which eliminates the current parking lot. increase. This site is surrounded by the streets of Broadway, Detroit and Townsend.

A new Dollar General discount store may come to Buffalo between Larkinville and the Seneca-Babcock district.

Based in Huntsville, Alabama, and working with a dollar store chain, Broadway Group is building a 10,640-square-foot store on 897E. Eagle Street on Fillmore Avenue.

The single tenant store will be 1.675 acres currently owned by Sado Gas Sales.

Dollar General-Fillmore's East Eagle

The site of the new Dollar General store planned on the corner of East Eagle Street and Fillmore Avenue.

Buffalo Zoning Refereeing Department

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