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Developer plans to build 400,000-square-foot warehouse on Route 15

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A Texas real estate developer plans to build a 400,000-square-foot warehouse on a 35-acre lot on Route 15 in York County.

of Trammel Crow Companyhas offices in West Conshohocken, County of Montgomery and has filed a conditional use application to build facilities on Route 15 and Route 15 53 in Carroll Township on York Road. A public hearing was held at the end of August. Township supervisors voted yes Conditional use of the warehouse with a set of conditions, according to township manager Brandon Surratt.

The Trammel Crow Company still has to submit a land development plan, which will eventually need to be approved by the township supervisor. Surratt said the company has yet to submit a land development plan.

The planned Class A “cross-dock” warehouse will include truck courts, passenger car parking areas, access and circular roads, utility systems, and related site improvements. Warehouses are used for the storage, transfer and distribution of raw materials, products and/or products.

There are approximately 67 loading/unloading berths/docks and 74 truck/trailer spaces. Access to the property is off York Road. The proposal includes two car parks with a total of approximately 293 parking spaces. The facility he operates 24/7.

The facility does not have gas or diesel stations, storage tanks, or facilities for outdoor vehicle maintenance, servicing, washing, or refueling.

Expect 120 inbound and outbound deliveries per day.

Facility merchandise types include, but are not limited to, home furnishings, flooring, furniture, automobiles, electronics, computers, building materials and supplies, lawn and garden supplies and supplies, office equipment and supplies, and sporting goods. Not limited. Leisure goods, health and personal care, clothing and other consumer goods.

Facility does not store or distribute hazardous or combustible waste or by-products.

About 200 people work at the facility, with two maximum shifts and a smaller night shift.

The property is located in an industrial park.

It’s not clear what the project timeline is or who the potential tenants are. A spokeswoman for the Trammel Crow Company declined to comment.

About 20 minutes from Harrisburg.

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