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Detroit Regional Partnership starts website for Verified Industrial Properties

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Some of these larger sites are more prominent in the area, but Hopper has properties ranging from 10 acres to urban, suburban and rural, according to the partnership.

Maureen Donohue Krauss, president and CEO of the Detroit Regional Partnership, said Ford Motor Co.’s choice of plants in Kentucky and Tennessee last year is an overview of the region’s ability to meet the needs of large users. said it helped.

“We wanted more accurate information on the site to be as fast as our customers,” says Donohue Krauss. “It was an obstacle to serving customers and then winning business.”

And Justin Robinson, the partnership’s senior vice president of business development, said the organization talks to about 100 site selectors and about 2,000 companies a year about plans for the U.S. market.

“What site selectors have told us directly is, ‘If you don’t have a regional platform that can look at a site and really understand the status of that site, you guys are often off the list,'” Robinson said. .

In recent years, many prominent properties in the area have found new uses.

The Pontiac Silverdome site is now a warehouse for Amazon.com Inc. The former Pinnacle Race Course in Huron Township — as well as the former Michigan State Fairgrounds in Detroit, so does Amazon.

The Cadillac stamping plant in Detroit was demolished and a new building built for speculative purposes, eventually ending up in the hands of Lear and another unknown user. The former American Motors site on the west side of Detroit has been demolished and replaced with a new building that General Motors plans to take over.

A new EV battery factory is also under construction in the state. $1.6 billion It was just announced on Wednesday.

And that’s just a handful.

And with $350 million ready to be acquired for site readiness through the Strategic Outreach and Attraction Reserve Fund (SOAR for short), the partnership will allow the portal to skid for new uses of the site in the region. I would like to lubricate the

The Verified Industrial Property Program will officially launch at the Industrial Asset Management Council’s Fall Forum on October 22 at MGM Grand Detroit.

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