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Desktop appraisals usher in new era for mortgages, speeding up & simplifying the process

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Desktop ratings can speed up the consumer mortgage process, and they are becoming more and more popular. ((((iStock).

Usually the process of getting a new mortgage It takes about 30 days According to Rocket Mortgage Part of the reason is the time added for the home appraisal and its inspection.

But now, with technological advances in the mortgage industry, the valuation process is steadily changing. Desktop and digital ratings, Has become more widely accepted During the COVID-19 pandemic, it simplifies processes within the mortgage industry and reduces the time it takes consumers to get a mortgage.

last year, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Announce They will begin permitting desktop valuation options for mortgage transactions in January and February of this year. Up to 90% loan-to-value (LTV) loans are eligible for this option. This allows the appraiser to perform the assessment from the desktop rather than physically inspecting the property. Hybrid evaluation is a combination of digital and traditional evaluation.

“In digital appraisals, everyone sees the same comprehensive dataset,” said Scott Rose, chief innovation officer for real estate appraisers’ class appraisals. “And because everyone has exactly the same view of property, it’s easier to resolve any dispute.”

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Digital assessment may reduce the time it takes to get a mortgage

According to Class Valuation data, digital valuation could reduce the time it takes to get a mortgage by 50%.

“In traditional appraisals, appraisers spend a considerable amount of time scheduling and interacting with appointments,” said John Dingemann, chief appraiser for class appraisals. “But with new technology, appraisers can use their expertise to spend 100% of their time completing reports, which makes their work much more efficient. “

Other experts agree that technology could change the game for getting a mortgage.

“It’s hard to see the industry adapting to new technologies, especially tools like 3D scanning that can create accurate floor plans and capture other details that appraisers typically couldn’t have had to visit their homes. It’s exciting, “Rose said. “With the right technology, today we can literally create a home digital twin, which includes internal and external virtual tours, without the appraiser driving to the property in the report. We provide everything you need to be confident. “

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Creditors are pushing for further modernization

Fannie Mae’s new analysis Mortgage Lender Emotion Survey It has shown that lenders are embarking on further modernization. Specifically, according to a survey, 94% of lenders agree that valuation modernization efforts are of value to the housing industry.

Lenders cited “shortening loan formation cycle times,” “improving appraiser capabilities,” and “reducing consumer / borrower costs” as the main reasons why more modernization is inevitably needed for appraisals. rice field. However, some of the challenges in implementing technology included getting the technology adopted throughout the industry and integrating it with the loan system.

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