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Demolition roars ahead, clearing space for two more Midtown towers

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Recent demolition work has marked the end of the two Midtown Nightlife facilities and the start of field work on the skyscrapers that will eventually become their locations.

As many Midtown residents have discovered since last week, the crew has now been running two metrotainment cafe concepts, the casual southern restaurant Einstein and Juniper’s cheerful bar jaws since the 1990s. , Destroyed and tidied up the old residential bungalows. ..

The former restaurant closed last summer and was surrounded by construction fences by September, but became quiet during the winter and spring.

Building demolition marks the end of the era of low-rise nightlife strips, and this week hits spectators and sentimental chords.

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Charleston-based Middle Street Partners will replace Einstein and Joe in Juniper with two apartment projects on Juniper Street’s parcels, including one of the tallest new Midtown skyscrapers in years. ..

according to Midtown AllianceThe revised plan requires two buildings, 38 stories and 34 stories, for a total of 470 rental units.

Details of the building permit from March show that the early stages of work include grading, utilities, cityscape improvements, and rainwater management plans.

2 What does the Tower Project look like from Piedmont Park?Middle Street Partner; Design, Brock Hudgins Architects

I contacted a person in charge of Middle Street about updating the construction schedule. More details will be announced in the future. According to development officials, last year’s plan was to build a tall tower first in Phase 1 and then a short building at the southern end of the block near 11th Avenue.

From a purely narrative point of view, the larger building marks the highest stack of homes in Midtown since the 39-story building of the affiliate group. Icon tower Wrapped in 2018.

The Midtown Alliance development schedule indicates that the Juniper Street Project will take place in the fall of 2024. The plan includes street-level 8,600 square feet of retail space and 690 parking spaces. (See the gallery above for details.)

A Middle Street official said last spring that he was in talks in the retail sector hoping to “return his beloved Einstein and Joe to Juniper as part of a new project.” It is unclear if those discussions will continue.

Middle Street entered the Atlanta development scene last year at Grant Park, which is currently under construction. 323 rental 3.5 acres Next to the Belt Line’s South Side Trail Corridor.

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