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Decatur cuts property taxes almost $900K for rocket builders bringing 250 jobs

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The “largest commercial launch contract in history” will bring 250 new rocket factory jobs and three new facilities to Decatur.

Decatur’s Industrial Development Board met on Thursday to approve just under $883,000 in tax breaks for lead rocket builders United Launch Alliance and companies Beyond Gravity and M&J Industries. ULA and Beyond Gravity are located on Red Hat Road. M&J Industries is located in Decatur Beltway.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos announced in April that the company would purchase 38 ULA Vulcan rockets for its new commercial communications satellite galaxy, Project Kuiper, due to launch. ULA will build a new Vulcan in Decatur to orbit these satellites. ULA CEO Tory Bruno said: AL.com In May, “strategic partner” Beyond Gravity will create a “composite structure” for the rocket and expand it into its own building.

M&J Industries, a custom materials manufacturing company, also added its own building for this project. We plan to hire about 50 new employees.

The Decatur Morgan County Chamber of Commerce said:

The tax relief is for 10 years and covers non-educational property and personal property taxes. The project is estimated to generate $1.025 million in private property school taxes for the new states, Morgan County, Hartsell, and Decatur over time. It is also estimated that he will generate $4 million in Morgan County sales and use tax dollars to benefit local schools.

bruno said AL.com A new contract in April means more buildings, more jobs, and more barges for the ULA Navy, which will carry completed rockets down the Tennessee River and eventually to Cape Canaveral, Florida. increase.

ULA’s Vulcan rockets are built on a “modular rocket architecture,” Bruno said. payload. “

In the case of Project Kuiper, Bruno says that means a “maximum configuration” of 5.4 meters in diameter, much larger than the company’s flagship Atlas rocket. “And these giant hex six 120,000-pound solid-rocket motors add a tremendous amount of thrust,” Bruno said.

ULA will start another robotic assembly line in Decatur, running two lines side by side. “Just a few years from now, he’ll be significantly more than[he is at 30 rocket cores a day].”

“For Decatur, it’s about production rates,” Bruno said.

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