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De-Mergified Home Trades for $4.5 Million

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As outlined, With graphics, dating back to JanuaryAt this point, the pending sale of the “four-bedroom home” has been removed from MLS.

Purchased for $720,000 in February 2012 as a small two-unit building atop Potrero Hill, 882-888 Carolina Street has since been expanded and converted under a two-unit project permit secured in 2014. I was.

During construction, the city received numerous complaints alleging “work in excess of” the project’s approved permits, but San Francisco’s Building Inspectorate (DBI) closed/cleared the complaints and issued an inspector’s notice. means “All work is [the approved] Plan” will be included in the project report.

The 882-888 Carolina redevelopment passed final inspection in 2016 and was sold in early 2017 for $3.7 million. And in January 2018, the property was quietly resold off-market for $3.8 million at “seller’s demand,” with two entrances and, now, from the top floor of the house, via the aforementioned “closet.” “Garden level”.

The property was relisted on the market last September as a four-bedroom home, at which time the city received new complaints and declared a unauthorized unit merger (DUM) at 882 and 888 Carolina Streets. pointed out. And this time, DBI’s inspection reveals that the previous off-market sale (and the newly listed floor plan) has personally emphasized.

In October, a formal notice of violation of the unauthorized merger of the two units was issued by the city. A plan was then drawn up to “permanently” fill in the unauthorized stairway connection from his second floor of the house to the level of the yard, and a permit was requested. However, if the plan to rectify the unauthorized dwelling unit merger is approved as originally proposed, the downstairs stairway between the two dwellings would be located behind a reconstructed “closet wall” and below the second floor’s infilled floor. remains hidden in As the property appeared when inspected back in 2016.

“Plan to restore” above [the] The separation of the two units was subsequently approved and completed this May. [garden level] Unit offering a full kitchen, 1 bedroom, 1.5 baths, perfect for guests or large families with a separate entrance. And the sale of 882 Carolina Street ended escrow at a contract price of $4.5 million. No word on whether a sledgehammer and a set of “historic” plans were part of the deal.

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