Home News David Adelman, developer in the new Sixers arena, is building apartments and offices in West Philly

David Adelman, developer in the new Sixers arena, is building apartments and offices in West Philly

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The West Philadelphia development boom continues with a proposed 136-unit residential building at 41st Street and Walnut Streets as part of the new headquarters of Campus Apartments, a Philadelphia-based national student housing company.

The company’s CEO is David Adelman. one of the central characters behind the proposal Philadelphia 76ers Arena near ChinatownSince 2000, Campus Apartments has expanded its services to 18 states, with University City’s office footprint spread across four buildings.

Now Adelman plans to have them all under one roof, with offices sharing space with the company’s signature residential units.

“Hey, some people said we should move to the suburbs,” Adelman said. “I personally had no intention of letting that happen. But I wanted to evaluate all the options in consolidating our headquarters.

The new building will have to level two historic residential buildings already owned by Campus Apartments at 4040 and 4042 Walnut St. Neither are listed on the local historical register, which provides protection against demolition.

The new building will include approximately 30,000 square feet of office space and retail space for a coffee shop and lunch counter. Facilities include fitness facilities and shared study areas.

Adelman said the breakdown of living space within the building has yet to be determined, but will include a variety of studios, one-, two- and three-bedroom units. Adelman expects units to have as many bathrooms as bedrooms, as many renters want privacy.

the proposed building housing boom in a university city last few yearsthat’s why housing complex It is planned around the University of Pennsylvania and Drexel University.

Barry Grosbach, Chair of the Spruce Hill Community Association Zoning Committee, said: “Obviously, some of the traditional housing units here aren’t as full as they used to be.The student said he could live with as many as 10 people in a house with two bathrooms. I am no longer interested in.”

Due to the land’s current zoning classification, campus apartments can proceed without zoning relaxation. It has approximately 162,000 square feet of land and is 10 stories or his 11.

The project will not use city zoning bonuses that offer greater height or density in exchange for public goods such as affordable housing and open space. Adelman says the proposed building is adjacent to townhouses just to the south and doesn’t want to overwhelm them.

“We’re adjacent to the community, so we don’t need anything too massive here,” he said.

Previous proposals for this development required the demolition of so-called Beige Block homes, a collection of historic townhomes owned by Campus Apartments. However, the homes just south of Walnut Street are zoned for low-density housing, requiring the company to seek an exception at the Zoning Coordination Board and expected to face pushback from community groups. I was.

“We are very against demolishing the houses here,” Grossbach said. “They felt we couldn’t accept the zoning change and decided to build along Walnut Street instead.”

Campus Apartments also applied for permission for its new headquarters before Alderman Jamie Gautier. Compulsory inclusion zoning law Enforced in most of University City. By law, residential projects of 10 units or more must set 20% of available space below market value to ensure housing is available to low-income residents.

Adelman said the project had been under consideration for years before the permit was submitted and that the timing was a coincidence.

“We’ve been looking at this project for the past five or six years and have been very careful about where we’re moving our offices,” Adelman said. “And we finally did it. So the timing was just right.”

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