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Dave Chappelle Buys Property To Block Land Developers In Hometown

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comedian Dave Chappelle According to the company, they bought several acres of land in their hometown of Yellow Springs, Ohio, to prevent land developers from building houses next to their homes. WHIO.. Chapel reportedly purchased at least 19 acres of land previously owned by Oberer Land Developers, Ltd. in April.

Oberer Land Developers, Ltd. plans to develop a large-scale home on 53 acres of land near Chapel’s home, claiming that one acre will be used for affordable homes.Chapel oppose Housing development at a hearing at the village council meeting on February 7. Comedians comedy Yellow Springs Clubs and Restaurants, Live from YS And that Firehouse EatalyAnd he threatened to cancel the project once housing development was approved.

“I’ve invested millions of dollars in the town. Pushing this forward, what I’m investing in is no longer true,” he said.

Yellow Springs News I shared a photo of Chapel’s comedy club and restaurant plans on Twitter. “Official. Construction of the comedy club” Live from YS “and restaurant” Firehouse Eatery “(225 Corry St) planned by local comedian Dave Chappelle will soon begin. “

Chapel spokeswoman Carla Sims Said CNN Land developers did not have an actual plan for affordable housing.

“Neither Dave nor his neighbors oppose affordable housing, but with little consideration of the village community, culture and infrastructure, under-scrutinized, chaotic development contracts for cookie cutters. I’m against it. “

The council voted against the large-scale plans for housing development and only approved the construction of single-family homes on land. On June 22, WHIO reported that Oberer Land Developers, Ltd had withdrawn their land plans. They also noted that Chapel owned at least 19 acres of land.Sims Confirmed Chapel owned the land, but could not confirm the amount of land purchased.

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