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Dallas architects head to landmark Meadows Building

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New business lease leases 80% of prestigious North Dallas office campus.

SHM Architects of Dallas chose the top floor of the landmark Meadows Building on the North Central Expressway. historic office building 14-acre Energy Square at North Central Expressway and University Drive.

of 67 year old Meadowsville One of North Dallas’ first suburban offices and one of five offices owned by Glenstar Properties and USAA Real Estate.

After purchasing the building in 2015, investors spent over $50 million on upgrades.

SHM Architects relocated the 12,218-square-foot space in the Meadows Building from nearby Knox Street.

Transwestern’s Michael Griffin said in a statement: “Our penthouse space in the iconic mid-century modern Meadows Building, with its huge balcony and glass jewelery boxes on all four sides, was the perfect solution.”

Transwestern’s Griffin and Ethan Minter represented SHM in the lease negotiations.

The architect joins other design firms (the largest being Gensler) on the landmark building.

David Stocker of SHM Architects said in a statement: “It’s a great example of mid-century modernism. It reflects our ethos of respecting history while building on those ideas in new ways.

“The Energy Square building and amenities fit perfectly into the culture of SHM Architects, and we look forward to new views of the heart of Dallas.”

Energy Square has over 1.1 million square feet of office space, including a 10,000 square foot fitness center, conference center, tenant lounge, campus park and outdoor decks.

Jeff Eckhart, Blake Shipley, Haley Hallett and Ayanna Jarvis of Jones Lang LaSalle sell properties for Glenster and USAA Real Estate.

USAA Asset Manager Jonathan McLoughlin said: “This is about 10% of the area.”

He said the campus has made up for ground lost during COVID.

McLaurin said the chic 1950s-style Meadows Building is popular with design firms.The top floor is perfect for SHM Architects, he said

“We took it off the market trying to identify the right tenants to make the most of that space,” he said. “The Meadows Building has a lot of architects.

“A lot of small family businesses love this building.”

Energy Square is located at US 75 and University Drive in North Dallas.(Energy Square.)

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