Home News Daily Briefing Aug. 21: Where to invest as home prices rise to even higher heights

Daily Briefing Aug. 21: Where to invest as home prices rise to even higher heights

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Welcome to The Times of Israel Daily Briefing. From Sunday to Thursday, his 15-minute audio update on what’s happening in Israel, the Middle East, and the Jewish world.

Military correspondent Emmanuel Fabian and real estate reporter Daniel Nagler join host Amanda Borsheldan.

On Saturday night, an Israeli bus near the West Bank settlement of Ofra was shot down from the nearby Palestinian town of Sirwad, leaving at least eight bullet holes, but thankfully no one was injured. what else do we know?

Earlier Saturday, three Palestinian women from Nablus were arrested near a checkpoint with a makeshift submachine gun in their car. First, what is a makeshift submachine gun?

Israel plans to allow an additional 1,500 Gazans to enter today, bringing the total to 15,500. The rise was announced last month but delayed. What are additional permissions based on?

I will tell you about the case of Khalil Awadeh, a starving Palestinian prisoner. What makes his case unique?

Nagler gives us an update on rising Israeli property prices, including some of the home sales over the past month.

And finally, we hear about a new Israeli tourism initiative — in Zanzibar!

The articles discussed were:

‘Still shivering’: Bus driver speaks out on West Bank shooting

The shooting hit a crowded Israeli bus on the West Bank. IDF launches manhunt

Three Palestinian women arrested with a makeshift submachine gun at a checkpoint in the West Bank

Israel to allow 1,500 more Palestinian workers to enter from Gaza on Sunday

Israel suspends arrests of starving Palestinians as health worsens

Inflation and house prices continue to rise to new records

Residential Snapshot: Nine Apartments and Houses Recently Sold Across Israel

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