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D.R. Horton proposed subdivision in Estero moves toward rezoning –

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Milan Villas, a subdivision of DR Horton consisting of 44 single-family ancillary units, requested commercial-to-residential rezoning with four deviations.

A 10-acre lot on the northwest corner of Williams Road and Three Oaks Parkway in Estero was designated for commercial use in 2003 at 100,000 square feet, never developed, and sat vacant for 19 years.

Although the parcels are small, Estero village staff believe that the residential lot is more compatible with the surrounding area of ​​the land. Of the 10-acre site, 4.26 acres will be open space and will also feature a passive park, secondary emergency access and sidewalks on both sides of the street.

The first deviation concerned the requirement to apply two access points to residential areas larger than five acres. This is met by providing emergency access points to alleviate access concerns. “The configuration of this property makes it impractical to have one just west of the intersection of Williams and Three Oaks. Acquiring space is also impractical, said Dan Delici, land use planner for the project.

The second deviation required a 60-foot lot, but the applicant requested a 50-foot lot. This was due to consideration that the utility easement is located outside the site and the narrow streets encourage quieter streets in residential areas.

The third and fourth deviations required a minimum diameter of 130 feet for the cul-de-sac, but the developer requested a diameter of 120 feet. This is because there are no residential or public facilities surrounding the cul-de-sac and automatic turn analysis. It has enough turning radius.

Village staff and Dr. Houghton agreed to three conditions prior to the hearing, including obtaining a limited development order from Lee County, perimeter fencing, and the need to obtain an environmental permit before approval of the development order. explained.

Milan Villas are expected to have a harmonious and cohesive color scheme, with each unit consisting of three bedrooms, two bathrooms and a two-car garage with a firewall separating the units . In addition, we will install decorative fences on the east and south sides of the site, and black wire mesh fences on the west and north sides.

As for pricing the units, DR Horton license manager Wayne Everett said pricing won’t be set until the project is complete.

“With the changes in the market today, we may lose money and be too expensive in the market,” he said. “We don’t put a price until we’re almost at drywall and rough mechanical parts, which we call Stage 5. At that point, we know more about what the supply chain is doing and what the market prices are. you can know.”

The target demographic for these homes is expected to have homeowner associations, Everett said., Mostly people who have reached retirement age and are looking for a second home.

The village planning committee recommended the Estero Village Council to approve the zoning change, with two negative votes by committee members Anthony Gargano and Jim Wallace, in accordance with the conditions set in place.

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