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Cushman & Wakefield held in contempt in probe of Donald Trump company

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Attorney General of New York, Letitia James, spoke at a press conference and announced criminal justice reform in New York City on May 21, 2021.

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New York judge detains real estate service giant Cushman & Wakefield For contempt of court for refusing to comply Subpoena requesting a document Asked by the state prosecutor for a civil investigation by the former president Donald TrumpCompany.

Cushman will have to pay a fine of $ 10,000 per day from Wednesday until it complies with the relevant subpoena. Company work for Trump organizationJudge Arthur Engoron of the Supreme Court of Manhattan said in an insult order issued on Tuesday night.

The fiancée in that order wrote that Chicago-based Kushman engaged in “intentional non-compliance with the deadline of a court order” to submit the document.

The judgment was issued in less than a week Engoron lifts an insult order against Trump himself..

both Discovery of contempt Charged for non-compliance A subpoena issued by the Attorney General’s office, Letitia James.

James Inappropriate Trump Organization I mentioned some of the evaluations Real estate assets For better loans and premiums, and economic benefits, including tax benefits.

The Trump Organization and the former president have denied any misconduct.

The subpoena issued to Kushman seeks information about the company’s long-standing operations at the Trump Organization, including conducting valuations and providing multiple real estate brokerage services.

James’s office said Kushman refused to follow the subpoena for “information related to the valuation of Trump’s three assets, and information about the larger business relationship between Kushman and the Trump organization.”

A Kushman spokesperson told NBC News in his derogatory findings that Engoron “shows that he could not understand the extreme length Kushman took to comply with court orders.”

“We have spent a great deal of money and effort to quickly identify, collect, review and create the large amount of documents requested by OAG. Documents with more than hundreds of thousands of pages since the last subpoena. And created over 650 ratings, published in February 2022. “

“I disagree with any proposal that the company is not exercising diligence and integrity to comply with court orders,” Kushman said. “We appeal this decision.”

Engoron’s contempt order pointed out that in April he ordered Kushman to obey the subpoena within a month. The company then appealed and postponed the compliance deadline until late June.

Two days after that deadline, Cushman asked the judge to grant either a protection order or an extension of time.

James’s office urged Engoron to reject the request for a longer period of time. Kushman replied that he was doing everything he could to comply with the subpoena.

On Tuesday, the judge supported the Attorney General’s office, saying it was “unbelievable” as to why Kushman was waiting for more time before the court order expired.

Engoron said the company’s lack of timeliness was “fatal to the motion because it was not possible to identify a valid reason for submitting the motion after the time to comply had already passed.”

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However, even if he requested an extension before the deadline, Kushman’s allegations “still failed in this proposal,” the judge wrote, as attempts prior to destroying the subpoena had already failed.

Engoron acknowledged that the subpoena required Kushman to “create a huge number of documents.”

However, the law “allows subpoenas of this width,” the judge wrote.

Kushman added, “If you choose to treat the looming deadline boldly, you are only responsible for it.”

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