Home News Crews ready to start building homes on Scholastica property in Cañon City – Canon City Daily Record

Crews ready to start building homes on Scholastica property in Cañon City – Canon City Daily Record

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The Scholastica property in the heart of Canon City is quiet again, but will change early next week.

Equipment and fixtures are currently on site and on Monday the crew will be busy digging ditches for foundations, sewers and water.

“All of these homes should rise in 2022,” said Phil Lund, president of LLC, Homes of the Canyon, which purchased the property in May 2019.

The LWD partner will purchase the northern end of the 7.5 acre site and will be responsible for the construction and development of the home. According to the plan, the alley will line up with the existing alley just west of Planning Area 1 in the Scholastic Planned Development District.

Six single-family homes facing Floral Avenue on the north side of the new alley and seven single-family homes facing the other side of the alley face south. Development will be part of the association.

Homes are for sale, and developers are already negotiating to sell some homes, Lund said.

Located in the center of the eastern side of the property, Unbridled purchased a historic building and a chapel. These are linked to Hotel St. Cloud, a few blocks down Seventh Street.

The old classroom building on the west side is currently under negotiation with other parties, but Lund said it was too early to share the details of the project. However, he said the building itself is unlikely to exist that long, as new structures are likely to enter.

“I can tell you that it will be exciting,” he said. “Something really cool for the community will be there.”

The southern part where the dormitory is located will be 43 condominiums. Construction is scheduled to begin at the end of summer.

“Building permits have already been issued,” Lund said.

He said his goal from day one was to divide the property into different parts, sell it for the involvement of others, and concentrate on the dormitory.

“COVID slowed us down, it was all unexpected,” Lund said. “Since then, supply chain issues have dragged it a little, but we’re excited that the work is working and moving things forward.”

Developers are also trying to utilize as many local contractors as possible. According to Lund, the excavators are now local and they have long used local assistance to clean their dorms.

“There is green space. This will be an open campus,” he said. “These fences are gone and there is a walkway with picnic tables from 6th Avenue to 7th Avenue. That would be a really great asset.”

According to Lund, the construction of all projects will be done at the same time out of the way of other residents in the neighborhood.

“22 years will be a good year for this community,” he said.

For more information, see the Canon City Scholastica PDD – Updates page. Facebook..

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