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Couple Outraged Over Friend’s Mortgage Free Party Praised Online

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A woman asked the internet if she didn’t want to attend a party celebrating her friend paying her mortgage.

user Nannasoff firaapint When she believed she was receiving enormous financial support from her family, she took her to Momsnet to express her frustration with her friends about hosting the party.

She writes: Housing loan. What do you think about attending such a party ?? It feels a bit fake to me. “

“My husband laughed at his socks when he told him about the party invitation. He said the’bank of mom and dad’paid the mortgage,” she continues. ..

A couple shows off the key to the house. Stock image. Does the writer have the right to think that it is inappropriate to have a mortgage repayment party?
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One user called the party “vulgar” and another said, “It’s a very strange party. Don’t go.”

Some users have suggested that the idea is terrible in the context of the current financial situation in the United States, as TiredButAlive wrote: To others, it’s a kind of “prepayment”. Is she her? “

Wimpole Hat said, “I think it’s probably like a’party excuse’, but it’s a bit unfriendly / ignorant / lack of self-awareness,” as toomuchlaundry said, “I, too, most people especially at the time. I think it’s unfriendly. ” I was fortunate to be able to repay my mortgage a few years ago. I don’t think anyone said they didn’t mind having a party. “

Putting this in context, the United States is potentially at risk of a financial recession.according to Financial TimesConsumer prices rose 1% in May, up 8.5% from a year ago, the highest level since 1981.

Rising gasoline prices Under the influence of the Ukrainian War and Russian sanctions, food prices have risen 1.2%, rents have risen and housing costs have risen 0.6%. The average American is more aware of their finances than ever before.

However, there were some comments in favor of the celebration.

One user said, “Is she single or has no children? Maybe it’s a reaction to having to constantly spend time on weddings, Christianity, children’s birthdays, maternity leave collections, etc. “There was definitely a tendency towards women to celebrate milestones that weren’t linked to traditional family settings. That seems fair at first glance …”

While SmileyPiuPiu wrote, “First thought .. A very strange reason to have a party. Thinking now, why people ended up having a party to celebrate the baby’s genitals.”

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