Home News Cost of new apartments rising faster than at any point in past decade

Cost of new apartments rising faster than at any point in past decade

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The price premium for new homes and their rate of increase continue to rise monthly.This means According to the Central Statistics Office (CBS)The cost of new homes, excluding government-sponsored homes, rose 21.8 percent between March 2021 and April 2022.

More detailed figures for CBS show that the increasing number of new homes for sale is due to government programs such as the Target Price Scheme (Mehir Matara) and its predecessor, the Price per Occupant Scheme (Mehir L’Mishtaken). It shows that it is the result. These schemes bring real estate prices below market prices in a variety of ways.

As the era of Israel Reported last weekThe rise of only 0.9% in the overall housing market (ie new and used properties) from March to April 2022 represents a slight increase over the previous month. This rose to 15.4% annually, 16.3% reported in May.. Nonetheless, this shows an average increase of 4.3% compared to the last quarter of 2022, and thus the steepest annual increase in 10 years.

From March to April, prices in Jerusalem fell slightly (down 1.1%), but Tel Aviv was up 1.6% over either of the last two months. Comparing price increases from March to April with the same period last year, we see double-digit price increases in all regions of the country and the largest annual increase (up 18.3%) in the central part of the country. I did.

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