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Club Rolex remains closed; limits placed on guests to property | Crime & Courts

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The two brothers in Calhoun County are not currently allowed to reopen the club on their property, but they can gather groups of up to 20 people on the premises.

The owner of Club Rolex has appeared in the Magistrates’ Court of Calhorn County for the second time since the sheriff’s office temporarily closed the facility last month.

A hearing on Thursday was held to determine what owners Melvin and George Gates were allowed to do at the facility in the event of a court-ordered temporary closure.

Jeffrey Bloom, Secretary of State for Calhorn County, said the brothers were allowed to welcome up to 20 guests on the premises, but not in the building where Club Rolex operates.

Bloom warned the brothers that the building that housed Club Rolex was off limits simply because they had access to property.

Sheriff Thomas Summers said the agent boarded the club, but the board at the entrance is arranged to allow real estate owners to enter if necessary.

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The Calhoun County Council last month approved an emergency ordinance allowing sheriffs to close the club after four people were shot dead at or near the facility. As a result, no one died.

Summers described the club as “pollution.”

George Gates had previously told the county council that the closure of his club was discriminatory. He also says that the incident that condemned his establishment actually happened elsewhere.

Gates said earlier WACH.com The Club Rolex is not a club, it’s a private party.

He also said he spent money on increasing security, such as checking vehicles and making sure visitors were at least 21 years old.

At a hearing on Thursday, George Gates said he sometimes likes to cook for “a few family and friends.”

Bloom accused him of being dishonest during his oath at the final hearing on the matter.

Bloom told Gates that he, his brother, or nephew would “reopen to the general public, resume selling alcohol, run unlicensed businesses, and try to serve minors. It will happen. “

“Last time, George Gates, I testified this under the vow that only a few friends are coming, so I’m trying to make it clear. I don’t want you to want to be here today. A friend and family came in for food and suddenly you reopened, “Bloom said.

“Frankly, teacher, I remind you that I thought your testimony was totally unreliable. Your brother was Melvin,” Bloom said.

“Fortunately, I didn’t instruct the sheriff’s office to investigate perjury. Your testimony, George Gates, frankly, laughed incredibly.” Bloom said.

Bloom claimed in George Gates’ earlier testimony that he initially included a description of “friends,” but later used the term “regular customer” to describe the same crowd.

Bloom urged the brothers to find a lawyer’s agent in this matter.

Real estate is still at risk because he operates the facility without a liquor license and does not collect taxes on food and drink sold and operated without permission from the SC Health and Environmental Administration. Stated. The owner has not been charged with a crime related to the club.

A final hearing on the property could take place next month, Bloom said.

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